Monday, March 12, 2018

Downtrending stocks

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JCY : Back to below 40cents ... it went up to RM1.50 the last time I argued with someone about her on SELLING ... well, HDD? You know ... biz trend, right?

NTPM : losing 50% more from peak RM1. When market crashing, we do need lots of tissue papers, ya.

Pelikan : Well ... will you take Pelikan at current support? Not me.

RSawit : New low now ... and market not even crash yet. CPO down ... but not crashing yet, still at RM2300 plus level.

Star : New low, is it? We don't read those MCA's Star crap anymore, right? Especially those political news.

Ok ... 1am. Need to rest ... and you could see our market KLCI is well-supported but NOT many stocks ... many in new lows and selldown continuing ...


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