Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Downtrending at critical support.

Benalec : See if going into new low once the current support broken.

Boilerm : See if breaking low 74cents ... into new low. So, I put these into my waterfall list ... as I traded them at high previously.

JTiasa : This is how it looks like when the critical strong support broken ... Today, JTiasa still going lower, at 90cents now. Strongly advised not to average down if one is stuck up there. Well ... we don't see bottom yet ... and wont know how low this could be going, right? Cheap could go cheaper, ya? 

Malakoff : dropped with a downtrending chart and we do not see the bottom yet. Hit new low 85.5cents in recent selldown. So, I m still tracking how low Malakoff could be ... and MANY funds and retailers stuck up there.

So ... I m monitoring many downtrending ... to understand how these downtrending stocks going cheaper.

As I m a novice and learning ... it is only logical to watch from sideway, and to see how 'dead cat bounce' works.

Note : This is not a recommendation to buy-sell.


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