Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

 Matta Fair :

KL Tower : nice photo taken by me. Went up the deck.

 check them here :

For years, I only jalan-jalan and travelling local Malaysia. I m in love with our beautiful country.

Tg Bungah (Penang) : Taken from the balcony of the hotel I stayed

Audi-farm (Penang) : go there see farm's animals

Entopia (Penang) : Was told this is owned by Elsoft ... nice butterflies ... and park.

Note : I went to Penang 3 times last year.

Dave's Deli (Ipoh) : Stayed at Ipoh and visited cave and café. haha.

Avani (Sepang) : As I m a member, one year ... stay-n-visit 2-3 times.

Air Terjun(Bentong ) : A nice drop into water ... chilling cold and ... yes, too crowded.

Durian (Gaya Street, Sabah) : Tried red-durian? Not all like the strong smell, only for durian lovers

Pulau Sapi (Sabah ) : Last year July ... went to Sabah to check on the pulau-pulau.

Mt Kinabalu (Dec) : Managed to climb up to Laban Rata tho my knee was injured.

cuti-cuti Malaysia ... all my trips of holiday's visits are local. Many more places ... each time I m driving up Penang, I will stay a night at Ipoh, dropped by towns. Oh yes, went to Pangkor Is. too ... and visited the leaning tower of "Pisa" at Teluk Intan. haha.

This year Matta fair ... will plan a trip to Trengganu and Kelantan. Been talking about it for some time(years).

So ... will go shopping again for a year-trip, locally.

One day .... perhaps, one day I will go 'oversea'.


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