Friday, March 02, 2018

Another selldown day ahead?

Morning ... DOW minus another 420 points.

So ... as the selldown continues, I will ask again ... you sell yet?

Masteel : Caught up there, selloff immediately  at 1.23-1.26 ... yesterday's hit 1.11 ... today, we shall check RM1? Technical charting is to help up to buy-sell with plans ... not going against the trend. And stubbornly holding to a stock due to our own beliefs that it is under-valued is ... err ... plain ... err ... ---fill in the blank ---

I could only put here : ALERT ... but decision is up to all. I could only tell all I sold off all on Wed morning and keeping 100% cash ... what others do is really up to them (depending on their knowledge, experiences, time-frame, investing ideas etc etc.

I read with interest what Mr Koon said about Business Sense ... yes, to me he is the best around in investing circle. A very intelligent and smart ways of investing : into BUSINESS and HOLD/ADD.

It is not what we know about FA (hey, stocks do not work fully with FA leh) or TA (hey, since when you seen very successful technical chartists ar?) ... but it is BUSINESS. It is the management of our funds, how much we place in at what level for whatever reasons. It is about BUY in HUGE position.

BAT : Used to be investors love/pet ... from RM60 to RM30 (below now). Do you understand why? It is all about business ... all about cooperate exercise ... and how media painting the pictures. Oh yes, it was taken out from the KLCI component, so ... funds are selling. As retailers, if we have it ... we MUST have a level we want to SELL : for profit if we bought loooong time ago at lower level or cut-loss if we bought it higher.

It sounds logical ... simple yet very difficult when it comes to execution part. I should know as I live 'inside' such pressure cooker in daily basis.

KLCI minus 3 points opening.

to be continued.


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