Friday, March 30, 2018

Penny-stocks (I)

CAB : struggling to stay afloat ... and rm1 is the resistance now.

Gadang : Two weeks ago, turning into penny-stock.

GeShen : Last Oct 2017, it was at RM2.60 level ... today is a penny-stock. Scary?

JayCorp : This week (Monday) it gap down ... below RM1.

JTiasa : Begin of Mac ... dived below RM1.

Karex : exactly a month ago, Karex broken RM1 ...

Mudajaya : Went to close below RM1 last Dec ... but recently it went back to RM1, testing the resistance and failed to break above ... by Feb 2018, it is staying in penny-region and going lower ...

Sapnrg : The most popular penny now ... from RM1 to 50cents now.

Penny-in making : Comfort, Ecoworld, EWInt, Ekovest, GHLSys, JHM, MRCB, UEMS, YTLPower ... many more.


Stock Watch : GenM and Genting

GenM : At critical support.

Genting : At critical support too ... see if the selldown continues and it breaks current level


Thursday, March 29, 2018

e-meeting : Is tech-rally over?

tech-rally is over?

Thu, Mar 29, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Checking on some tech-stocks tonight


Stock Alert : YTLPower

Watching YTLPower ... some 10yrs ago, was index-linked ... fund-managers fav for defensive power-dividend play ... from RM2plus there ... today going into RM1, abandoned and taken off from KLCI component some years ago. Invested in 4G-YES (under YTL-e) was a huge mistake? Also the IPPs issue ... didn't follow much on those news anymore.

Closed at RM1.04 new low yesterday, would it be a penny-stock ... soon?


Sector Alert : Furniture and Wood

Evergreen : Still tracking her, closed at 47cents today, awaiting 40cents.

FLBhd : At support RM1.10 now ... we shall see this becoming a penny-stock ... and 70cents would be the level I will yell-out again. Way to go ...

Hevea : closed at 79cents, retraced more than 50% in less than a year ... from peak. Will track her till 40cents level.

JTiasa :  a penny-stock now ... closed at new low 85.5cents today.

Latitude : Closed at RM3.55 today, another new low. We shall check again when below RM3.

LiiHen : A better performing 'furniture' stock ... waiting at RM2.40 level next.

Mieco : Dropped about 60% from peak since Nov2017 ... that is a 5-months period. Closed at 48cents, we shall check again at 30cents level.

PoHuat : At support RM1.30 now ... so, can only go for technical-rebound from here, bearish and down-trending.

WTK : still downtrending ... moving lower.

Note : I am bearish on the whole sector for 2-3 yrs now. No reason to buy or be bullish.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

More new lows in making

Boilerm : At new low now, closed at 70cents today.

Benalec : broken the support and closed at 34cents low today.

Eatech : closed at 35cents today ... and check if this level would be broken and we shall see new low by this week.

MKH : Property-plantation sector not doing well ... MKH at new low.

Time to sleep ... I believe there is many more new lows. Inform me. Night


Nomura's Top 12 pick (2018)

Assuming that we bought at 2nd Jan and sell it off if it hits 30%, ya.

AirAsia : Closed at RM3.34 on 2nd Jan ... the first day of 2018-trading day. Went to shoot up above 30%. Now, back to RM3.94 level, we shall buyback at RM3.34 base level.

Airport : Enrty RM8.69 on 2nd Jan ... now still around RM8.84 ... our target 30% is around RM11.30. Wait.

Axiata : Entry at RM5.39 ... now still at current level.

CIMB : Entry RM6.50 ... this is performing well as KLCI supported by these banking stocks.

To continue .. go to for the updates.










A green day?

After selldown last week Thu and Friday, last night DOW up 670 points and we shall see many to rebound today ... and green again!!

These up-down in large magnitude will continue in US ... but perhaps not much in KLSE. Many stocks still experiencing selldown and going lower ...

A bad QR ... gap down 20% in Jaycorp ... see why we need to avoid some sectors? Furniture-wood sector has been bearish since I sold them off in end-Dec 2015. It has been two years I didn't check on FLBHD and gang ...

FLBHD is at support RM1.10 level ... might rebound from current support ... but should continue to drift lower ...

This is the weekly chart of BAT ... stocks do not dive vertically down, most of them (unless those pump-dump). As it is going lower ... to below RM30 now, it did rebound ... and only to see the dead-cat bounce ... and went lower.

It is very difficult to buy on down-trending as we do not know the low ... and we have to cut-loss in case the support broken (again).

Will write later. Have a green day.


Monday, March 26, 2018

Stock Alert : STEEL

this is my blog link :

AnnJoo : breaking neckline today. avoid

SSteel : Broken neckline too. exit.

Note : Alert for all other steel-counters ...


Property stocks (above 500mil cap)

E&O : Back to support ... see if RM1.30 broken soon.

Ecoworld : New 3-yr low, closed at RM1.01 ... shall check if she will break RM1 this week.

EWInt : since IPO day ... been down as property-sector is bearish. Wait for breaking RM1.

Guoco : Back to support ... see if 97cents would break in this selldown period.

IBhd : another drop of 15% , then only watch it at 44cents level.

IOIPg : see if RM1.60 breaks ... wait.

KSL : Ok ... this one broken the RM1, welcoming to penny-world.

L&G : going to new-low ... 18.5cents now ... see her at 10cents?

Ok ... will continue later when free.

Note : I have been bearish on property-sector YEARS ago after the property-stock rally.


Sunday, March 25, 2018

e-meeting : Waterfalls

More waterfalls to come

Sun, Mar 25, 2018 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Please share with me MORE stocks at new low ... I want to put them in the list.


It has been 10 years


e-meeting : Averaging down?

SELLDOWN : Average Down?

Sun, Mar 25, 2018 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

I have many more 'waterfall' list to show that MANY retailers stuck up there ... wondering what to do. So, I will share my opinion on WHY we should NOT average down in whatever stocks we stuck up there.

Since I m free today, I spend the hour sharing my opinions.

Join me if you are free too.

Mudajaya : Will it breaks 70cents and into new low? Watch next week how it breaks 70cents.

HHGroup : Long time no check this fella ... goring in 2015 time.


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Waterfall-list continues

ATTA : Never posted this fella ... what under-valued are you talking about la? Wait ... this ex-name was? ... checked google : SMPC.

Efficen : no longer efficient ... after that spike (Alibaba boss came here la) ... now, see u at 18cents level next.

Note : someone messaged me yesterday about Efficen. I do not check Efficen lloooong time ago leh. After broken the neckline and support, I deleted her from my list.

HWGB : This one consolidated 1-4 ... means ar ... 10cents = 2.5cents la. It is the reverse of "split". Split is to make it looks cheap (tho fundamentally, it changes NOTHING) ... consolidation is to make it looks more "decent". Understand ar? Check HUBLINE which consolidated too ... see how it is performing now?

Kawan : See next week break that support line, back to RM1 only I yell again ... but, if you get caught as u bought due to someone promoting it, you have yourself to blame for believing ... it is trending ... now trend over-la, sell lo. You think the promoter(s) will tell you they sold ar? They will say they sold at HIGH price la ... and you do not even know if they really bought it up, trending it up. So ... don't ask me ... ask the promoters. I m not a promoter of stocks.

Note : Someone messaged me as he stuck up there into Kawan  ... now only I checked as I never traded Kawan (friends) ... time to un-friend?

PoHuat : Not at new low yet ... but broken the neck last week. See you around RM1, ya. PoHuat or Boh-huat?

Note : I have avoided PoHuat and the whole sector some YEARS ago, I don't know. Technically downtrend, bearish and avoid.

PRKCorp : Continues to bleed ... bad QR. Avoid.

PUC : after some pump-up with news, runners in forums to trap those greedy retailers ... check her again below 10cents. Now lazy to check ... but if u chase up at 30cents above or even think of buying into the mouth of sharks, good luck. Any experienced traders and investors could tell you la ... tau apa tu goreng ar? What fundamental ar?

Titijaya : Seeing new low last week ... one can finds MANY new low in property-stocks ... obvious reasons?

Take care ... good luck next week.