Monday, February 05, 2018

Waterfalls as at Feb 2018

Aeon : During crisis time, it was trading around RM1 (adjusted) and now at RM1.60 level ... new low but wait for below RM1 for me to report again here. It was peaked at RM4.50 back in MAY 2013. I have traded it up, and have to cutloss when the trend turning ...lowering till sell off and no longr checking.

BAT : taken out from KLCI ... and it is trading below the CRISIS 2008 level. Still holding or average it down?

Boilerm : Talk all we want about the fundamentals .. I have said many of times, it is call sentiment. A so-called good counters will continue to be trading lower than WHATEVER level we value them ... for a looong period of time. And we stuck inside for years?  No way ... it is 2018 leh.

HuaYang : At low now ... as low could go lower, of coz.

Last night I talked (emotionally driven) about how naïve for us to believe MEDIA ... and how we should NOT average down ANYTHING we bought/stuck ... not in 2018.

Like it or not, majority will STUCK up there , even before market correcting.

Stay safe as we expecting selldown today.


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