Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Stock tips : PWRoot

Good morning ... and yes, Happy Valentine to those celebrating.

During current dive in markets, many caught into stocks and did not able to sell to keep cash. It is how markets going to work 2018. WILD and VOLATILE.

If we bought a stock and it goes against us, we have to decide to cut-loss short with tight stop-loss in place OR ... if we bought and intend to hold, we can 'average it down', which I totally disagree. It is 2018 ... average down is high risk and many stocks may not rebound (even good fundamental stocks) ...

Give you an example of my trades done in PWRoot ... I never really check on her for some years (It came up from RM1) ... I was given a 'tips' by someone working in the company that it will surge to RM2.80 .... back in Oct 2017. It was at RM2.05 back then and I bought on market price!! Managed to sell at RM2.16 the next fews days but bought back at RM2.20 ... only to see it tumbling down and I cut-loss and out. Well ... it went below RM2. And ... below RM1.80 ... and today, Feb 2018 ... some 4-5 months after the tips, it is trading at RM1.65.

Next level for me to watch PWRoot and to report it here would be at RM1.46.

So ... remember, no matter how 'good' or reliable the so-called tips is, we should never but too much of hope in it ... and certainly would not be wise to 'sai-lang' .... in a stock.

Place the cutloss well ... and exit as the stock price tanking lower ... and exit.

I have learnt over the years that even 'insiders' could be wrong .... in fact, they are wrong many of times. Guess the top-management "play" them out?

Welcome to 2018 .... where many rumours would be flying around and good-news is to sell stocks.

Be aware and stay logical. One may needs to learn technical-charting ... and can join me next-next Saturday trading-workshop (24th Feb).

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Happy Valentine ...


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