Monday, February 12, 2018

Stock Alert : Systech

Monday ... CNY week. Quiet market ... perhaps many on holiday mood, no eye seeeee those stuck up there ... and trying to ignore the paper-loss.

Systech : I did not check her for kind looong time ago, traded her up. But since the 39cents support broken, I deleted it from my list. Today, at 29cents ... and those read the newspaper to BUY during hot-time, and if you are stuck up there ... it is a lesson to learn.

CUT LOSS once neckline broken.

Do not buy into hot-stocks when CEO and media promoting them.

These two lessons to learn is important for newbies. If you are not so new in markets, YET stuck up there due to greed ... then, you have yourself to blame.

Systech trading at 29cents, do not be silly to say it is 'cheap'. Normally, a naïve newbie will point to the price 20-30 cents as cheap. Ridiculous but that is how new they are in markets. If 30cents it cheap, guess Sumatec at 7cents is cheaper?

Anyway, slowly ... those newbies will quit or ... learn painful lessons.



Ok ... time to jalan-jalan.

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