Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Markets to pullback this week?

DOW : daily chart ...hitting 20MA resistance and with a shooting star last Friday.

Morning to DOW minus 250 points. These days, plus or minus 250 is 'nothing' much ... volatilities has increased substantially ... we will only get excited with 500 points in DOW or 10points in KLCI.

Selling : I have sold most of the stocks I bought before CNY's break on Monday and yesterday too. So, back to cash position ... to wait for sell-down. Post-CNY sales coming?

Election : The rumuor saying election should be in Mac/Apr ... so, the fear of 2008 Mac dived after the election is real ... exactly 10 years ago, I was there ... a newbie and naïve ... holding to 3 stocks and it gapped down after the election result back then.

Well ... after 10 years in market, I m no longer a newbie ... not that naïve anymore. I m more aware of events and taking risk-management measurements ...

So ... what would I do?

To teach newbies ... and share my experiences after some 10 years in market, in daily basis for 6- 8 hours per day, learning.

cohort-28 : This Saturday, I will conduct a basic charting workshop for newbie traders. Being a real trader myself, I should know what to teach them ... and wat is not. Those interested, do contact me at 012-821 0129 for details. I only had two workshops last year ... and if market is to crash, that would be the great time to conduct more frequent. Hey ... I m still charging less than RM1k leh. haha.

Alright ... time to go exercise as KLCI no selldown, minus 2points only, well-supported as they are predicting an election-rally ... gogogo.


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