Sunday, February 11, 2018

It is a Sunday

Good Sunday ... just woke up from napping. It has been a busy week and classes and markets tumbling.

Crude oil price : Dropped another 3% on Friday. No comment for those bought Sumatec at 11cents or Hibiscus RM1 plus recently. Good luck.

DOW : recover last Friday, up 330 points after dropped ANOTHER 1000 points. It formed a bullish candle last Friday and expect a green Monday. hehe. But it is not stable yet ...

Huaan : If tmr dives to 41cents level, I will park there and buy.

Triple H : The Huaan, Hibiscus and HiapTek. Another one HengYuan also can ... these are the Hs I m checking as they are infested with retailers. The operators still holding ... but many retailers already stuck UP there and wondering if they should be buying more.

Technology Index : Shown a hammer too ... can consider back some of tech-counters I have been trading the whole 2017. Which one is oversold?

Tonight will be doing some homework ... and we are back in biz ... CNY shopping.


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