Thursday, February 08, 2018

HuLiYang's method : Divide four

Let's use FLBHD as an example of what sifu Hu-Li-Yang said ... assuming you LIKED Flbhd for whatever reasons as market doesn't work on the reasons YOU THINK you knew ...

RM2.98 was the peak ... so, we divide it into two : RM1.49 ... that is the FAIR VALUE.

Currently trading at RM1.17, is it under-valued?

end-Jan ... FocusM came out with the list of 40-under-valued counters. I had an e-meeting with all and pointed out about 10 stocks which we still can watch. Others ... tak-boleh pakai. YET ... unless you really done your works on the fundamentals and prepare to average it down, I will suggest NOT to touch down-trending stocks. LOW could go lower, ya. It was at RM1.25 level some two weeks ago.

So ... what is the level to buy using HLY's method?

Divide it into two again .... macam split time.

74.5 cents ... roughly about 75 cents, we can consider as under-valued to START accumulating.

This is just an example-la

So, Maybank to collect around RM2.50 to RM3.00 ... using this method, ya.

IQGroup : Peaked RM4.76 (adjusted) and half of that is RM2.38 ... it is trading at RM1.50 now. So, we shall check her at RM1.19, in theory.

Note : I m just quoting HLY's way of seeing price to enter, into GOOD fundamental stocks and not indicating that FLBHD is under-valued at 75cents. When it is at 75cents, I will update again and consider to buy (unless market in crashing mode, I have many more in the list .... not FLBHD).


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