Monday, February 26, 2018

Expiring Mahsing-wb

Mahsing-wb : this expiring warrant jumped up from HALF CENT to high 8cents ... and most active counter last Friday. GILA ...

today it is back to HALF CENT la, of coz. Want to sell also very hard now.

What happens to the expiring warrants if it is NOT in money (majority not leh)?

Two type of warrants : structured or company

It is is structured call-warrants (issued by IBs), after expire ... you burnt ALL your money if it is not in money? well... most of the time, no one buy expiring call-warrants la. Check always that and the premium.

Those like Mahsing-wb, if you are holding ... you call your broker/remisier, they will explain and help you what you should do.

Generally : DO NOT BUY warrants ... for newbies and punters without knowledge. It is gambling ... and since when gamblers becoming rich or winners? You luck will ends ... sooner than you expected.


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