Saturday, February 17, 2018

Crashing sector : Furniture

Hevea : monthly chart ... it has been down from the peak (RM1.74) to current 88.5 cents. Well ... for monthly chart, we shall wait till end-Feb to see the complete candle. All my charts are adjusted.

Jan-2015, it was at 37cents ... before it rallied in 2015 ... the furniture-export theme play. In 2015, I was trading almost all the furniture-counters ... Hevea and Hevea-wb is one of them.

When the trend is over, lower could go lower ... and yes, the theme-play was over in Dec-2015 when I exited the whole sector.

Just checked the historical chart back in 2005 Jan ... it was at high RM2.30 ... crashed to 5cents level(adjusted) .... and rallied in 2015 for 10-bagger!!

Well ... two pointers I have been sharing ... DO NOT GET STUCK UP THERE as we needs the bullets to BUY DURING CRASH

Latitude monthly chart ... at RM4 now, we shall check when it is below RM3.

FLBhd : monthly chart ... showing downtrending, right?

Remember ... I was out of the whole sector in Dec-2015 ... do not fall in love with the stocks or sector, ok? Market NOT crash yet ... u see.

Have a nice CNY now ...


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