Thursday, January 25, 2018

Why we are not rich yet by Daniel Ally

Pointers to get out of POOR mentality

#1 : They criticize rich people

TEH : Do not envy those rich ones ... as they have some essence inside them that make them rich (legally and morally right). I used to be one the 'normal' side ... but I have slowly moved away from the lower-income mentality (10yrs ago ... you may want to know my 'goreng keropok' days). Do not criticize those rich people ... move to be rich ourselves. HOW can we be rich when we criticize the rich?? THINK ... how can we own rich-people items when we 'blocked' our mental that those are not for me or I can't afford it?

It took me some YEARS to un-block my mental on this pointer ... and I still have to remind myself to embrace 'richness' around ... doesnt me we have to ampu-ampu their butts, ok?

#2 : They make emotional purchases

TEH : We all do ... buying things we do not need, to impress people that we do not like!! Haha. But, recognising that ... will not make us rich is very important. Be rational ... be consistent in our spending. Cautious about our spending ... plan and budget.

This is my weakness ... seldom jot down the details of my spending. Well, I m a simple man without much spending on myself. I do emotional-spending on my kids ... such as their toys and clothes. Dinners with family ... and buying things they like. For me, I worked hard for them ... I was totally broken some 10yrs ago ... and now, I do not see the reasons why I should be spending money un-neccesary ... still driving my old kap-cai or old Proton Saga. I m ok with many things and grateful with what I have.

#3 : They never learned about money

TEH : I have never know what money is about ... that is why I was financially broke and stayed poor for my first 45 yrs of my life. I started to realise that some 12 yrs ago ... when I was broke and married. I have to force myself to learn about MONEY. Everything about it, I read about it ... including failing my keropok-venture and the moved into KLSE during the peak at Jan 2008 ... market crash on me, I was too naive and lost that small amount I started with. Feeling so much of pain in learning about money, I did not give up. I continue to learn about money ... investing ... interest rates ... etc etc. I won't mind having an e-meeting to share what I have learnt about MONEY or PERSONAL FINANCES in the past 10 yrs ... from zero knowledge till age 40yr old.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY on our financial.

# 4 : They never developed their talents

TEH : We all have TALENTS ... develop that to improve ourselves, so that we could increase our income. Promotion to high level in our workplace require ... skills. Over the 10 yrs being in stock-markets, I developed my trading system so that I could trade consistently to profit ... but it takes loooong winding years, with many painful failures. Dont think so many mojority could withstand those painful years ... but it worth every sweat and tears. We just need to be rational ... strong and continue to develop our 'hidden' talents.

#5 : They keep making excuses

TEH : I could identify with that ... when it comes to MONEY. That is also why I was broke la ... pok-kai, they said. Then many looked down at you. But, you are quick to make excuses WHY you are poor ... admit it, been there. Haha. We blame everything else ... except ourselves. haha.

create ALL THE REASONS why we want to be successful and rich. Then, we are on different page ... and again, I have moved away from what I was some 10yrs ago ... I have moved away from many things ... leaving those sour-grapes complaining and blame others. We have to grow wiser ... if we are to be rich.

#6 : They believe they are poor

TEH : Inferior ... so, move away from that. I was there. haha ... born 'orphaned' and in poor-family, my mental was ... I m born poor. Do you expect me ... not to be poor? Hmm ... wonder how I got the courage to change that belief.

#7 : They think money is bad

TEH : Again, I was brought up to THINK that money is bad ... when we were young, the family struggled and my aunt told me (brain-washing me, indirectly) that money is the root of evils ... and that was why my parents are poor ... gambling habits in my dad while mom worked hard as hawker. My aunty, a very nice human ... tho financially not-well, told us to work hard, never cheat on others as money is not good for living. Just be humble ans stay simple. I did just that for 20yrs plus of teaching Math ... enjoying my career ... of teaching. But, I was broke (due to pointers mentioned above)

Working hard is good ... but we must learn to earn more. Then ... save as much to invest. Sound simple to be rich ..., but most will not.

Have a nice day ... I m not rich yet, but once I achieve my 'richness' , I will start my charity events and leave the 'rich' to the rich ... let me stay humble with 'poor' abandoned kids. They need a mentor. I will teach them ... those pointers above!!


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