Monday, January 15, 2018

Stock Alert : D&O

Morning ... great day as Liverpool won vs ManCity. A thriller ... 4 - 3

What is interesting this morning?

D& O : Alert breaking support 70cents. I bought during recent breakout of 70cents, and of coz I sold .. being a trader.

Krono : check the link above when put an alert about Krono. Broken 90cents strong support, today going below 80cents? Time to buy for technical rebound.

D&O and Krono diving about 9% at the moment, while Huaan and Hibiscus continue to move high as many chasing. Well ... HengYuan dived more than 10%. Buying yet?

I shared in my last night e-meeting ways that we could accumulate some BULLETS. Well, been doing that for past 2 years and I need to hurry-up and get my accounts/funds ready ... for the coming crisis.

Anyway, I will do a repeat of what I m currently doing to accumulate bullets ... updating once I get few things done!!

Time to go jalan-jalan.

Nice feel ... keep cash yet?


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