Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Reversal Candle : Hammer

Yesterday night ... after a very long day, I gave an e-meeting to briefly share simple knowledge about how to identify a 'hammer' ... level 1 knowledge. Just learn how to identify a hammer.

You do not need to pay to learn hammer. Knowledge level 1 is FREE ... just go to investopedia or youtube.

And given Serbadk is not a hammer. Masteel and Annjoo formed a hammer but AnnJoo is a stronger hammer.

HengYuan is not a hammer ... PetronM is.

VS is a hammer and Skpres is not really a hammer.

These are few examples I have given. Knowing which is 'hammer' is just a level 1 knowledge. Until someone asked if UMW a hammer ... I checked and surprised ... he is level zero, showing no knowledge about 'hammer'. So ... if you are in level-zero .... know nothing (newbies) at all, I will encourage you to LEARN first before you even bother to trade.

Well ... I would check on these chart tmr ... and show if hammers work well .... this time a round.

Note : Hammers do fail ... but higher chances of reversal. You just need to up your knowledge and experience level to understand how to identify a strong hammer.


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