Tuesday, January 02, 2018

post # 2 : Day 1 trading

10.20 am : Morning ... KLCI minus 22 points, gap down as expected.

FKLI at 1780, KLCI at 1773.

Today is day-1 trading for 2018. Focus in breakout more.

FPI : gap up and surged above RM1.90 this morning ... and missed the opening price. Thanks to TKO.

DRB : bought last week ... q sell 1.89 done, it went to hit 1.98. we shall check if it breakout.

Sapnrg : ALERT AGAIN ... as it is going below 70cents. Cut-loss 69 and 69.5 as I collected last week. Will go for breakout in 2018. Ignoring downtrending technical rebound trades.

Simeplt : As expected ... rebalanced back to RM5.50, gap down. So, huge paper-profits no longer there tho still profiting at current level. Will hold a while.

Ok ... done two trades.

Note : Just bought into another two breakouts this morning.

Ok ... time to check on FCPO.

Have a nice trading day.


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