Monday, January 08, 2018

KLCI bullish : SELL all to them

2.20pm : KLCI at 1825 level, up another 7 points and we have not seen such bullishness in a loooong while. How are our stocks performing in these bullish-sentiment is more important ....

But, as greed gripping the markets ... especially those O&G sharp-surging up, it is time to be in fear. I thought that is what everyone has been PREACHING?

Buying should be 2-3 weeks ago when I bought many leh ... today, I sold off ALL.

It is not easy to be contrarian ... and reading the sentiment to apply this quote :

Unless we do short-term day trade, buying in today is of high risk ... of coz, unless one is high-risk trader.

Dialog : Hit high RM2.78 today ... still a SELL call for me.

Don't ask me if any stocks to buy. I have been selling and today, selling last portion of everything, to be in total cash position.

So ... after a hectic week, time to rest. Traders need to learn discipline and pull the brake. Relax ... take the profit off.

Do short term day-trades if you are experinced enough.


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