Friday, January 05, 2018

DOW at new high

morning ... recording here DOW at new high, above 25, 000 level.

It closed at historical high 25 075.13

VIX for S&P : While hecking the historical chart, it registered the lowest in DEC 2016 a level 9.39. Last night, it was at 9.22 (closing). We shall check again when DOW reaching Everest peak

Just like hiking up the mountain, we do have to go down slopes along the way as we move ascendingly up ... the, we reach a STEEP level where we will see a difficult vertical up to ... reach its peak. At the peak, it is very cold ... windy and lack of oxygen. It is extremely dangerous going up ... without preparations. Seriously.

Try Mt Kinabalu first ... it is 'easier'.

note : Watch the movie : Everest. I like it.

If the trailer is good for you ... then, do watch it then. Enjoy the CLIMB

I watched thru Netflix (subscribed 6 months ago ... to force myself to watch movie). I know I will never climb Mt Everest .... highest respect to God's creation. But, I think I will visit Nepal and perhaps ... take a good picture when I m there after I retired?

Ok ... will want to write about my climb up Mt Kinabalu (my 5th time) recently in Dec2017.

Where am I?

DOW at high ... KLCI moving higher, breaching 1800 yesterday. Now we are seeing the peak 1900 soon?

As I have bought many some 1-2 weeks ago, I have started to sell many ... even at loss(exited downtrending stocks)

Sold for losses : BJCorp, TunePro ... as both downtrending.

While many stocks doing well and trading breakouts recently (Inari, Serbadk, Masteel etc etc), I sold many ... it is time to be in fear when greed is gripping the markets

So ... I m focusing on breakouts as market bullish will push many stocks into new high.

FKLI : Shorted too early and in huge paper-loss. Covered some shorts, taking bitter pills (hedged against my huge positions in equities). Will short more as it moves higher.

contact : or 012-821 0129

to check on my daily trades ... do join me in my trading group.

Have a nice climb up the peak while I m almost 'out' and in cash again (I have 3 more stocks to sell today).


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