Monday, December 31, 2018

e-meeting : Type of analysis

10.25 pm : Everyone celebrating ... and countdown. For me, I m checking the charts and doing some analysis for coming year 2019.

Here are few analysis I could think of ... in my mind at the moment.

during e-meeting, this is recorded

FA : Fundamental analysis : PER ... etc ... only during CRISIS

TA : Technical analysis : indicators.

BA : Biz analysis

CA : Cycle analysis

SA : Speculative analysis

PA : Punting Analysis

HA : Hope analysis

These analysis works on certain stocks and sectors in certain time-frame


Last day : 31st Dec 2018


It is the year-end busy-ness again ... as I have shifted. Needing time to un-pack etc etc ...

I will want to write again ( keep this site : ... and one may want to click to my website/blog directly (NOT READING from i3 or other forums) as I will update my post ... so, you would only see partial or even just headlines as I m moving around ... updating each time I could find the time.

i3-forum : I have left i3-forums some 4yrs plus now ... I don't read messages/comments there. So, if you wish to send a comment to me ... u have to come to my blog. Also, if u wish to see updates, you still have to come to my blog (as I wont go to i3-noisy-forum).

e-meeting : I will try to fix a day/time for 'public' e-meeting as promised during market crashing ... but, we are not even half way that. ONLY sectors all crashing down ... now, do u know why we should buy those index linked companies as they would be supported, artificially or not.

coffee-meet : I will also meet up with readers once a month ... limiting to 4 persons each time. If you wish to meet up to talk about YOUR stocks which u stuck, lets discuss what we could do on that. I m fixing it to be SATURDAY noon ... venue should be Starbuck somewhere in Subang Jaya and time around 4 pm? for updates, one may add me in my facebook ... go to my blog, u will see my contacts there.

time to go off ... again, updates only by checking in my personal blog-site, not in 2nd or 3rd party.

Have a good year ahead.


Friday, December 28, 2018

post # 4500 : Happy 2019 year

I m so busy and tired shifting, I cant write much ... and been absent for few days. I have shifted (not to Penang yet) to USJ-area too.

Note : this USJ OnePark condo is for rent (RM1650 with 1242 sq ft, air-cond, water-heaters and kitchen-cabinet) ... contact me if anyone interested.

Window-dressing : Been a net-buyer for past 1-2 weeks and heavier in markets after the selldown ... as I cutloss or sold all before it dived ... imagine if I did not, I would not be able to buy cheaper now.

What stocks do you like?

As I said, only out index KLCI is holding but most sectors been crashing down for past 3 years ... yes, I started to prepare for crash in Mac 2016 ... and had series of e-meeting to reach out to all the risk of BUY-HOLD as back then ...only 3-4 sectors crashing ... now we have about 15 sectors downtrending and STILL crashing lower.

we are very low now ... so, which one to choose?

Anyway ...happy new year and will continue when I could find the time.


Monday, December 24, 2018

DOW below 23, 000

DOW alert ... below 23, 000. We are heading into bear-markets in US ... while in KLSE, we already have few hundreds stocks at new low (or 52-w low). We have majority in stock-markets STUCK ...

tho ... I warned since 2016 and had many e-meeting about the important of CUT LOSS ... yet, many stuck inside ...

... Layhong, Myeg, Gkent , Dsonic ... Presbhd ... FGV, TM, GenM ... name it.

Good luck to those holding on to stocks ... and many stubborn ones who AVERAGE DOWN. You have been 'conned' by stock markets.


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

e-meeting : Are you stuck in stocks?

You have been invited to a meeting

Join the meeting:

Time : 10.30pm onwards

Topic : Stuck in stocks. What should we do?

note : For 2019, one may send me an e-mail and each time when I have an e-meeting, a notification would be send to you e-mail.

e-mail :

contact number : 012 - 821 0129



Monday, December 17, 2018

Limit Down : VS

VS : limit down today ... at 82cents now.

If one likes it at RM1.20 ... now is cheaper? If you stuck up there RM2 ... now is a value-buy to add?


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sector crashing : Alum and Steel

morning ... I have been warning and talking about market-crashing for past 2-3 years and many telling us (MEDIA, of coz) that market (which they are using KLCI ... misleading leh) not crash and wont be crashing YET.

Let me expose further this 'lie'. Most ignorant wont understand that KLSE is crashing and many sectors crashed (compiled about 15 sectors).

Let me discuss about STEEL ... which many retailers been STUCK up there.

Alcom : at crash-low ... closed at 49cents now. Cheap? Yes ... at 2008-crisis low now.

LBAlum : closed at 47 cents ... still dropping and shall wait to see it around 38cents.

AnnJoo : at 1.20 ... awaiting another discount 50% to 60cents. Peaked RM3.60 divide 4 = 90cents.

CSCSteel : From Rm2 to RM1 now, wait 50cents.

LionInd : At 50cents now ... awaiting 40cents.

Masteel : reaching minus 75% from peak ... buy at 18cents?

SSteel : back to 66cents base soon ... closed at 77cents, cheap?

Today, no one wants to talk about the 'under-valued' steel-counters? No more highlighting PER single digit? Why? That is how stocks prices being pushed up and now ... crashing time, NO ONE will tell you they are stupid and stuck up there, right?

There are many more in this sector which one could easily check and click on the charts? Help yourself ... and tell me, market is not crashing yet.

If you are stuck UP there, that is because you have not been listening to what is actually going-on or you are newbies ... knew nothing much on how markets and noises working.

THINK again ... how are noises in forums(i3 and such) helped you to make decisions in your investing or trading ... especially if you are newbies? You cant escape the HERD mentality with tin-kosong banging loudly.

Note : nothing is cheap there, talking about that since 2-3 years ago.

The steel sector rallied due to THEME play and NOTHING to do with long-flat steel etc etc ... those are noises to TRAP retailers to move up the stocks to SELL to you. If you are caught UP THERE stuck ... who to blame? I heard got one sifu telling steel-companies are cheap due to single-PER ... and since WHEN we value steel-companies using PER? I had that 2 years ago ... in my e-meeting, slapped myself that how naïve retailers believing in guru-sifu kinda sure-win words.

Believe YOURSELF. Learn about sectoral's cycles ... and THEME play. Once it is over, LEARN to exit.

The most difficult part in learning is NOT to believe anyone but YOURSELF.

Have a nice weekend ... don't worry about STUCK up there. 80% in those forums already stuck. You are not the only one. FEEL the herd mentality.

STUCK with them up there. Get stuck for YEARS to come. good luck getting STUCK.


Saturday, December 15, 2018

KLSE crashing

Morning to another minus 500 in DOW. We are used to it ... it is norm and we are numbed. Why? Because we could find 500stocks at 52-w low or new low. Many retailers ALREADY stuck big-time up there losing money ... smarter few already cutloss and keeping cash as we are watching selldown ...

Question : Is it time to buy? Crash is a BUY, right?

Then again ... everyone stuck up there and losing are KEEPING QUIET .. many already in no-eye-see mode especially if down by 50-70%  ... keeping quiet and not doing anything would not solve the issues. Stock market is a place where we learn about lives ... and how we tackles problems.

Don't believe that? Ask those who do NOTHING about their paper-loss ...

Parkson : at new low ... 26.5 cents. could it go lower? OF COZ!!

POS : new low ... from RM5.50 to current RM1.70 now ... how low could it go? Hmm ... lower do go lower, ya.

Redtone : loooong time no check ... new low 15.5 cents .

Salute : at new low 41 cents ...

TunePro : new low .... closed at 57.5cents. Can I ask ... why?

will put up more later :

also, go to my blog-link (not i3) if you wish to ask questions or in touch. Ask comments here in my blog too ...I do not read comments in i3 for past 4yrs plus now.


Friday, December 14, 2018

e-meeting : SELLDOWN

TIME : 10.15 pm to start till 11.30pm

note : to get updates, go to my blog link

or add me in facebook.

topic : showing more STOCKS crashing


Selldown : 14th Dec

2.30 pm : Further selldown in FGV, MMCCorp, Padini, POS, Presbhd ... Masteel, Scicom, VS, MRCB ... and many more. Of coz those Presbhd ... Dsonic ... Dnex ... Myeg ... diving lower as they are infested by retailers stuck up there.

coffee-meet : tmr I m not free ... so, cancelling this week to next Sat. Anyone want to meet up next Sat, contact me.

VS : hitting RM1.20 ... today. Weekly black candle and see if it will break by next week.

Will talk and check more tonight.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Saturday : coffee-meet

Venue : StarBuck, SS15 Subang Jaya

Time : 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Topic : Sharing trading and investing experiences

Discussion : The Edge : stock picks

Phone : 012-821 0129

Please treat me coffee if you are coming. Need to contact me too.


Stock Alert : QL

QL : broken neckline, at 100MA .. breaking too. EXIT or AVOID.


New low : waterfalls list

Karex : back to support at 50cents .. peaked at RM3.08. cheap? Put in the list and wait for crash ... I mean, market to crash. Karex crashed actually.

Maybulk : closed at 55cents.

Sasbadi : peaked RM 1.06 , now at 23cents, with low at 20cents. Under-valued?

TunePro : peak at RM1.80 ... now at 58cents ... wait for divide 4 = 45cents then.

many many more ... by end-Dec, I should be able to have many charts ready ... with new low.



Wednesday, December 12, 2018

e-meeting : 12-12 selldown


TIME : 10.30pm

You have been invited to a meeting

Join the meeting:

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 10:30 PM

Kuala Lumpur

12-12 Year End Sales

Morning to good news ... Liverpool squeezed through the CL.

As for DOW, it is flat ... KLCI broken the critical support and many more stocks tumbling lower. Crazy sales is going-on ... 12-12-18

Well ...indices can be very mis-leading ... KLCI at 1650 level but many stocks at NEW LOW or at least most at 52-week low. Crazy!!

Jaks : broken another recent support yesterday ... from RM1.20 level in May 2018 ... now is trading at 45cents in Dec 2018.

Note : I read about Mr Koon's selldown Jaks due to margin call. Don't know if he has exited fully or just partially. I would avoid as the selldown could continue. Technical charts could tell us in advance the downtrending in making, we have to make decisions if we are to average it down.

FGV : from RM2 level in Jan to 70cents level in Dec. Severe ... as funds exiting. Many get stuck inside her. This is one huge mis-managed company.

DSonic : The peak shown here was around RM1.50 ... now below 40cents.

Looking at these few hundreds waterfalls, we could understand if retailers (or even TH-fund) losing money big-time for past 1-2 years.

From construction (Jaks) , plantation (FGV) to tech (DSonic) ... most sectors are down.

Certainly we have not CRASHED, right?

As the indices are mis-leading ... if you check most sectors and hundred of stocks, we have crashed. With many stuck up there ...

LayHong : broken 90cents level in June ... now, in Dec, we are at 35cents level.

So ... even the chicken-egg sector crashed ... while recent news of egg-prices up, few stocks up for a day or two. No reasons for rallying, anyway.

Scicom : crazy selling going-on ... sales!! Cheap??

Scicom by MIDF (Aug 2018)

Maintain BUY with unchanged TP of RM2.29, as we make no change to our earnings forecast, which is pegged to FY19 EPS of 12.5 sen at 18.3x PER. We believe that the healthy replenishment of jobs and recovery in its existing business segments should help Scicom achieve better earnings in FY19. The dividend yield of 4.9% is considered attractive while its cashpile of RM52.3m as of end June is expected to support its dividend payout.

This is today's reading : SCICOM ... another waterfalls, going into penny.

IJM : at critical support again ... and we shall see more downside to come.

Note : to be continued click here

From all the sectors that crashed or crashing, WHICH one should we be choosing, going forward 2019?

And what would be your pick in that sector(s)? Why?


Monday, December 10, 2018

e-meeting : SELLDOWN

time : 10.30pm


Stock Alert : Presbhd

Presbhd : suspended ... canclled the skin-cancer disease ... and now at 30cents level. from peak RM3 plus.

No cutloss? Good luck to those investors and also those punters.


Dec 10th : Falling Giants (update)

Market Caps

1. Malakoff : RM3.925bil

2. MyEg : RM3.858bil

3. MMCCorp RM2.892 bil

4. FGV RM2.809bil

FGV (PER -3.54 with NTA 2.00): new low, a penny stock now. closed at 79cents.

Malakof ( PER 16.87 with NTA 1.17) hit new low at 76cents last week. 

MMCCorp (PER 15.60 with NTA 3.11) : hitting new low at 93.5cents today. Closed at 95cents last week.

Myeg (PER 50.62 with NTA 0.17) ... from 70cents rebounded to resistance RM1.80 ... crazy, right? Peaked at RM3 ... lagi crazy.

Note : I know many retailers stuck up there. NO ONE could help much as newbies have to pay painful lessons to learn.

to be continued


ALERT : KLCI at critical level

KLCI : check the chart above and decide.

Good luck to those averaging down. You do need lots of LUCK.

Also ... we are the BEST markets around, ya. haha.


Value Investing Clip

Buy great businesses at huge discount ... and we could find discounts only when market crashing, right?


Stocks watch : HengYuan and PetronM

HengYuan : just an update as I have written many ALERTS on her ... as I knew many retailers stuck up there, huge paperlosses and still holding, HOPING it would rebound. Some already given up ... no-eye-see stance ... if you are not in position, avoid is the best. I m still awaiting RM3 to report again ... it doesn't make any fundamental and logical sense when it surged to the roof from RM3 to RM19 ... and back to RM3, that is reality.

PetronM : this is a proxy ... as HengYuan being promoted ... they must push the sister up too, and some sifu/guru mentioned this is 'cheap' when it went up to RM8 plus ... will check next year both ...


Sunday, December 09, 2018

e-meeting : Preparation for crash

You have been invited to a meeting

Join the meeting:

Sunday, December 9, 2018 10:00 PM

Kuala Lumpur.

This link would be my next-year public link for e-meeting which I would try to have once a week or whenever needed.

Tonight revise on my two years preparations for the coming market crash.

No crash? Wont crash ... lets discuss tonight which I have started some 2 years ago. If you didn't join those e-meetings and stuck, BELIEVING markets would recover ... you better attend tonight e-meetings for me to shake you up (I hope to scold later)

Will talk about sectors that crashed and crashing too ... no believe that sectors already crashed? DENIAL mode and still hoping ... too bad. Dream on.

I will like to trigger some pains in you if you join ... then at least you have someone to tell you some truth.

2019 is nearing ... the risk is higher now ... getting more excited now. haha


Saturday, December 08, 2018

Crashed : Oil and Gas

Morning ... it is chilling cold here at Starbuck, while as I m here ... waiting for a person to meet. Most readers do not respond to my 'coffee-meet' call ... well, will have more sessions in 2019 , reaching out to readers and ex-members.

Meeting others to check how they are doing in such a difficult market. If you are STUCK and lost hugely in 2015 - 2018, you will not survive the coming crash. Nope ... you stocks prices would not go up by itself. In fact, those STUCK up there would stuck for some looong years to come

STUCK ... forever?

Yes ... stuck might be forever if one is in those losing money companies with potentially to be de-listed or going bankrupt. Those with huge debt ... check them out.

No one talk about Sumatec now, ya. Hmm ... cant know what would happen to THHeavy ... KNM ... and such.

But, most stuck up there in many O&G counters ... Velesto (ex-UMW), Armada and Sapnrg. These are popular stocks ... so popular that almost every retailers traded before. To be fair, Armada and Sapnrg (ex SKPetrol) were KLCI-linked.

Let us check their charts. Shall we? (as if you all don't know la ... pretend la)

Armada (PER -0.99 with NTA 81cents)  : closed at 16.5cents ... once a upon a time, flying high above RM2 ... today is BELOW 20cents.

In Aug 2014, Armada went thru a right-issues of 1 : 2 plus bonus-issue 1 :2. So, the prices is adjusted.

Sapnrg ( PER -0.81 with NTA 1.60) : closed at 35cents, hitting low at 31cents recently. Didn't really follow the right-issues of RM4bil ... craziness exploded. haha. SKPetrol ... married of Sapura and Kencana ... then Kencana split and opted out (Mukriz jumped out of BN, if u know what I m talking about).

Peaked at RM4.90 ... currently at RM0.345 ... what the heck ... talking about losing money, if you are holding from IPO level in many counters(especially the GLCs)

UMWOG ... I mean, Velesto (PER -1.78 and NTA 0.3289) closed at 22cents ... right-issue in Sep 2017, with 14 : 5 ratio.

By mentioning O&G ... we would see how much have been lost and thousands of retailers lost so much, investing into O&G companies ... well-promoted by media, tho.

KNM (PER - 2.16 with NTA 0.97) : a very popular counters back then ... it is like EVERYONE in markets without using brain would be in love with KNM. Heck, I still could not understand the bizarre-ness of the hypes. Blame it on MEDIA ... but that is what media is for, right? cooked up the hype!!

Note : The above with NEGATIVE PER but high-high NTA. Never only use PER or NTA for valuations of companies.

That is why those following KNM in forums WERE very excited with the stupidity of many. Haha ... drown in crowds, they stuck inside KNM, believing it will recover ... forgetting stocks are related to Business and Sectors.

So ... everyone needs to go through levels ... of lessons for being in markets. Learning parts are difficult and looong ... as we would be mid-lead by many in media ... printed or social.

I went through 10years of loooong hours , in daily basis. I seen almost all nonsense and nuisance being written in forums, in media ... and some ridiculous broker's reports. BIZARRE. haha ... the word of the day explain the un-explainable stock-markets.

No one talk about HengYuan or PetronM single PER anymore, do they?

Or perhaps IQGroup and KESM being the best in the sector? How about MMSV?

No more talks about IWCity, Ekovest or Malton ar? Abandoned?

No more talk about O&G ??? Yes, got ... get a copy of The Edge today as they are asking a million-dollar question

HAS O&G sector bottomed out?

to keep in touch, add me in facebook where I would post some charts, articles there. And moving my personal facebook away (privatized. haha)

I have wanted to privatize this blog too ... and replace with site ... but failed some 3-4 yrs ago. This blog would still be a place for me to hide publicly.

blog-link : for updates as i3-linked not. And will always be here.  haha

facebook : ... and private ones would only for people I knew in person.

Haha. off


Friday, December 07, 2018

coffee-breakfast meet

I would like to spend my tmr morning ... with few readers/members who would like to meet to chit-chat

Day : Saturday (8th Dec) --- tmr

Time : 9 am to 11 am

Venue : Starbuck ... SS15 , Subang Jaya

Topic : Trading/Investing experiences

contact : 012 821 0129

facebook :

limit to FOUR persons.


Stock Alert : YongTai

YongTai : weekly chart showing another crazy waterfalling ... as traders, exit was at RM1.30 ... today is time to buy, not sell.

Note : Don't know why diving so so sharp, I bought anyway.


Thursday, December 06, 2018

e-meeting : SELLDOWN

You have been invited to a meeting

Join the meeting:

Thursday, December 6, 2018 11:00 PM

Tonight : checking many WATERFALLS in the recent selldown.
I shall discuss on YOUR stocks.

DOW down 800 points

DOW daily chart ... we shall see.

Note : tonight off


Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Sector crashing : Eggs and Chickens

Sectors : Poultries

QL : the tai-kor still good uptrending stock ... pulling back now. If breakout the red-line, 20MA, do exit to take profits or cutloss if you have chased it up there.

CAB : Peaked RM1.10 and closed at 63cents.

site :

CCK : peaked RM1 at 48.5cents now, minus 50%.

site :

LayHong : Peaked around RM1.06, now at 36cents. This one more severely sold-down.

LTKM : Peaked at RM2.20 ... now at 98cents ... pumped up recently for some distributions, to get out.

site :

TeoSeng : Peaked at RM2.10 and now trading at 81.5cents.

site :

time to go off


found this from a blog : Bursa-dummy

QLBroiler, Layer, Feeds, Marine, Palm Oil
Huat LaiBroiler, Layer, Feeds, Fertilizer, Trays
CABBroiler, Food, Marine, Retail
Lay HongBroiler, Layer, Food, Supermarket
FarmbesBroiler, Layer, Food, Property
PWBroiler, Layer, Feeds, Cattle, Food
Teo SengLayer, Feeds, Trays, Animal food & health products
LTKMLayer, Sand mining, Property


Sunday, December 02, 2018

e-meeting : Sectors that are crashing

You have been invited to a meeting

Join the meeting:

Sunday, December 2, 2018 10:30 PM Kuala Lumpur
Talk about those sectors than crashing or crashed.
Are they worth a BUY?

It is not over by Daughtry

while I see the selldown is over soon ... and would rebound, the whole picture is bad. Market not crashed yet ... but I m going to show few more sectors which crashing now ...or crashed (O&G, Property, Constructions, Building Materials, Packaging ... Gaming?)

It is not over.

Night (2.10am)


Monthly Charts : Plantation


FGV ( PER -4.06 with NTA 1.30)  : how can I talk about sector-plantation without highlighting FGV ... FELDA GLOBAL VENTURES ... no more election rally, no more perks for poor Felda settlers ... no more makan suap, Isa caught and no more Eagle-plantation siphoning money out ... to UK and OZ. No more money to eat ... as the disgraceful managements sacked/resigned. Who is going to 'save' FGV? GOV to bail them out ... as always?

Blame it on low level of CPO which at low, below RM2k this month. More pain foreseen for many plantation companies ... wait for next QR.

BPlant (PER -791.45 with NTA 1.25) closed at 86cents. I used to trade her uptrend when it was listed (mommy is BStead also downtrending).

HSPlant ( PER 19.48 with NTA 2.04) ...crashing too.

IJMPlant ( PER -47.72 with NTA 1.49) : closed at its NTA value at RM1.49 ... two long monthly candle, making BAD QR ... and falling. No catch.

RSawit : (PER - 1.65 with NTA 0.37) closed at new low 16.5 level now.  No touch minus PER stocks.

THPlant (PER -48.89 with NTA 1.47) ... TH = Tabung Haji. No way we are going to invest TH's counters.

TSH (PER 26.74 with NTA 0.91) ... closed at RM1.

Will check more by end-Dec.