Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Post #4000 : Trading while travelling

Greeting from Sipilok Resort ... went to river-cruise Sg. Kinabatangan.

Taken many pictures ... cloud @ Kinabatangan river around 6pm.

While travelling , I took few trades!!

Inari : Bought Inari-wb at 2.39 while at airport befoe closing last Friday ... and sold 2.44 and 2.48 yesterday morning. Today, it went higher to RM2.50 level. Well, can see my buying Friday the 'why' and sold yesterday ... the 'why'.

But I missed IQgroup rebound ... so well, actually.

Masteel : Bought yesterday morning ... collected 1.33-1.35 level, and sold 1.39 today opening. I could not watch as I was travelling into interior of Kinabatangan, a small orang-sungai at Kg Bilit.

Well ... it went higher as before market closed, I grabbed back some at RM1.42 ... to sell tmr RM1.48 level.

Sime : This is not so well ... queued to buy 2.15, 2.12 and 2.10 ... all done yesterday and closed at RM2.12. Well, wanted to sell around RM2.20 level but today no momentum to swing, so ... I sold off at RM2.12- RM2.13 instead.

Simeprop trading above RM1.40 now, I bought last week around RM1.10 level but sold her off last Friday before flying. Missed another good trade there.

SKPres : Traded well ... bought yesterday RM2.17 when it breakout ... and managed to sell at RM2.25 ... today, a black-candle for me to buyback.

Still on the move in Sandakan tmr before flying back to KK tmr night. So, need to buy into those not so volatile and bottoming stocks.

As I m travelling without 'line' most of the days, I will have to use the charts in my head and use Maybank-apps to trade (key-in buy-sell).

Well, at least the profits would be able to cover my Sandakan trip!!

The life of a trader ... stocks always on our mind.

Note : closed my long FKLI and to gain extra RM300 today!! Great.

No e-meeting for a week or so as I will be up Mt Kinabalu this weekend ... and flying back next week.

Oh yes, I will only plan for a trading workshop in Jan (1st or 2nd weekend). Glad I do have few response. Yes, learn from a trader ... not a trainer. contact me at . Can join my stock watch to check on all the stocks I m trading in daily basis. All the trades above given 'live'.

Till then, signing off from Sipilok.


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