Thursday, December 07, 2017

Selldown : LionInd

Good morning to the 7 - 0 victory vs Spartak Moscow ... great.

The myths I was trying to share were : Low PE is a BUY and Low RISK trading.

Too many of times we read that 'low PE' .... cheap valuation ... average it down and buy more.

And during market-talk (previews), they will tell us trading is LOW risk (high reward) using their trading system/software. Hmm ... talking about sales gimmicks.

Anyway, generally whatever we were told ... there are stories behind them. Do not believe in many things we heard on the surface ... look it out, backtest and check it ourselves. We are definitely 'smarter' than that, right?

LionInd : broken RM1.30 level ... when it gapped down after QR ... that was a sell point. Once broken RM1.30, alerted to the group again ... so, now, I will see if could buy(to trade) in today.

So ... still taking day-trading : profit from Masteel, Penta ...yesterday BJCorp, SimeProp profited but cut-loss Penta as I taken it back.

Today? We shall focus for profit again ...


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