Monday, December 18, 2017

Last day in KK

2.10pm : Back to KK yesterday ... writing from Putatan, Sabah. Letting kids to play at KIDZ while wife went shopping ... and I could rest here, blogging

I worked with INTI at Putatan for 5 yrs ... my 1st five years in KK. Salary was less than RM3k, I was single and zero-knowledge in any money-sense. In fact, I was one of the greatest-so-called-educated fool when it comes to personal money management. Haha ... Today, I could laugh off those silliness ... and trying to educate myself further regarding wealth accumulation.

I have many good-bd memories in Putatan. A small Malay-town, about 8-10km from KK city.

Well ... one thing for sure, my years here was great. I simply like the simple-lifestyle ... and nice people around.

So ... KK will always be a good place for me to retire ...

Today ... spending my last day here, legs still ache due to Mt Kina climb ... which I will write about that in few days time.

Ok ... on markets ...

KLCI : KLCI still in red ... after surged last week. I sold my YTL (good trade) and only holding to AMBank for the index-linked counters. Oh yes, I forgotten PMetal in KLCI-linked too now ... IJM and BAT taken off. Another taken off was WestPort. Nestle is in .. drink more milo. haha

Well ... met 3 persons in KK, all of them knew me in person : one old timer remisier, one old member whom with me and another ex-student who is totally new but travelled all the way from Tamparuli to have dinner with me ... seeking advice on how to start.

Will write about the meetings too.

Till I m back to KL to rest tmr ... off.


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