Monday, December 25, 2017

Downtrending : Prestar

Prestar is trading below 20MA ... and if we noticed that it has been well-supported 20MA when it was uptrending ... so, now we could see it is below 20MA ... the selling should be when it confirmed to close below 20MA (textbook rules which I do not follow those rigid text-book .... as I m a trader).

The selling price would be RM1.28 level (Nov 2017), whether one has ride it up ... and sell for profit but for those caught up at the high, cut-loss is still when trend is over.

It is not that we DO NOT know how to see if it is uptrend or downtrend ... but is the ACTIONs that we take which is more important.

Anyway, will write more about downtrend as many uptrending stocks are on the way drifting lower.

Have a nice Christmas .


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