Thursday, November 30, 2017

e-meeting : IQGroup

Stock Alert : IQGroup

Thu, Nov 30, 2017 10:15 PM - 11:15 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Talks continue on

#1 : Gap down : sell

#2 : Waterfall

Tonight talk about "limit down"




Welcome : Simeprop and Simeplt

SIME : the property and plantation are born today   .... both at discount.

Buy at own risk.


Stock Alert : IQGroup (again)

IQGroup : gap down again today ... minus 20% plus and hit RM2.05.

In daily basis, markets will give us these stories and gap-up-down ... and swing. That could kill many who are not experienced and also didn't learn technical-charting, no planning ... and more importantly, need to JUST DO IT.

Will you grab IQGroup at current price?


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

e-meeting : Waterfalls to avoid

Waterfalls : How to avoid

Wed, Nov 29, 2017 10:15 PM - 11:15 PM +08


Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.




Focus in 2018

12.20 pm : noon ... no classes today (for past 3 days!!) and staying at home, bringing kids to jalan-jalan ... and preparing for my Mt Kinabalu climb mid-Dec. So ... mind set onthe peak but don't know if body will listen ... my 5th time and might be my last.

Sabah Trip : 9th Dec to 19th Dec ... for those wish to meet-up.

The last time I climbed was with my wife ... some 11years ago!! Aghh ... Sabah will be another choice(besides my plan for Penang) for my retirement ... in 3-5 years time?

2018 is near ... got a month to plan what I needed to FOCUS in ... besides my preparation in the market-crash (which eventually many still be stuck).

Toastmaster : I have exited the group this year. And will NOT continue with them, will be deleting myself out of the watsapp and facebook group. thanks for the memory. Great positive group and got to know few friends.

Movies : For past 2years, I tried to revive my 'likes' in watching movies ... I failed. I subscribed to Ifix and Netflix ... and will stop that by end Dec. I simply no longer have the patience to watch the whole movie ... and most movies are so fake/artificial ... without strong profound meaning about LIFE. Guess I have aged ... so, I will quit forcing myself to watch movies

In 2018 ... I have a goal : To be minimalist!!

To do that, it has been 1-2 months since I TRIED to clear many of my items ... including old-valuable-precious items too.

...such as this '30yr old' cologne ...given by my sis. It has been with me tho I have shifted numerous of time ...even travelled to stay in Sabah for 10yrs ... and back. If I could throw it away, I could defnitely throw MANY items away ...

So ... my current focus : papers, books and magz (hundreds of financial-related magz).

It will take a great efforts to clear hundreds of my books : Math, Chess, Bowling, Motorbike, Travelling, Know-how ... and keeping only few financial books!! I have 10-20 boxes!! Will keep only 20% ... difficult choices ... and giving all away to libraries.

Then ... i will go into selling ITEMS : My massage chair, keyboards, Kindle, CDs, furnitures ... all need to go!!

Then ... create a new e-mail, facebook (only to contact with members) ... perhaps, start a new blog ... and hide myself away from bad humans.

Bad human ... those like to argue, criticize .. with intention to hurt. Oh yes, I will take up 'buddhism' in more serious focus.

I m born in a torn-family ... and my grandma who brought me up pray to KuanYin and many Gods. I m NOT religious ...but that doesnt make me a bad human. I do believe that many things not up to me to control ... so, I just stay 'BEING GOOD'.

I went to church regularly, joined my friends ... and even when I was in KK.

My kids are growing up ... they need some guidance and I will have to lead. So, I attended a 'Buddhism' course recently ... a two-month, weekly course --- to understand Buddhism. I read a lot about "religions" ... cultures and history. All religions created with good intention and great teaching ... along the way, came HUMAN ... wicked and self-centered preachers ... changing the real main cause of the teachings. Let me explore Buddhism ... 2018.

While Charity-events will always be part of me ...and my yearly activities, it will not be my focus just yet. When I retire ... yes, this will be my main focus.

wait ... found this one : good sound quality and with lyric

Songs ... still my focus. Not movies. Perhaps ... picking up Mandarin?

And yes, focus in blogging too. haha ...

What else? Will reduce further things I m doing and groups I am in ... pulling away from crowds is the main idea.

2.20pm : After lunch ... lost the momentum to write ... zzz ...

Ok, till I could find the words again.



Waterfalls : Canone and TunePro

Canone : Can never understanding the bickering inside ... eversince that surge, it has been moving lower ... and forming a nice waterfalls ... in stages. Broken another support this week. Alert.

Tunepro .... another waterfall from RM2.30 some three years ago, now down to RM1 level. Cheap? Is becoming cheaper ... be aware of cut-loss below 98cents.

Trade at own risk.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

默 - 那英

A song to share.


Stock Alert : Microln

Microln : Breaking support ... wat a way they goreng-ed her.

Note : I never trade this one as it is too speculative and wild for me.


Stock Watch : Inari at new high

Inari-wb : Sold part yesterday and sold all this morning done at RM2.35 but yet, it is going higher. I started to trade Inari-wb from 90cents level ... good uptrend.

Saying bye-bye to Inari till it consolidate again.

Note : Inari just clared RM3.20 moments ago in bearish market


Waterfalls : Gadang, IJM and YTL

Gadang : Oversold ... and diving sharply to hit RM1.01 yesterday. Will check on her today, broken RM1.20 support, it was a SELL call ... after sideway for some time up there.

IJM : Came down from RM3.50 to RM3 now ... listed in KLCI now. Current support level attracts me to her too.

YTL : Many of construction counters showing down trending and waterfalls.

Ok ... it is 8.30am ... time to prepare for market opening.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Stock Alert : CSCSteel

This was one of the "under-valued" steel counter that someone argued with me ... when it was strongly uptrending. It went to Rm2.10plus ... today, at critical support level. Once RM1.60 broken, we shall see the support broken. Can see the GAP DOWN there ?? I was trying to tell all about gap-down ... but guess we all need to learn it the hard way ...

Next level to check on CSCSteel would be RM1.30. DO not catch. And yes, stop arguing about the valuations ... market won't care, why should we?


Waterfalls : Aeon and Parkson

Aeon : A stock I do admit I liked ... but I have to cut-loss when the support broken and it was a right decision ... seeing that it is going lower. No thanks to online-shopping booming ... we are seeing this counter going thru a slow death ...

Parkson : While checking on waterfalls .... it always remind me of Parkson, as many linked her to TTB. Brick-mortar biz ... no touch.

I do not think so there is a reversal to the down-trend .... and normally these downtrending stcks will experience a slow 'death'.


Waterfalls : Opcom and Scable

Just done my e-meeting ... about soe stocks to watch due to The Edge : AirAsia, PUC, MFlour ... hmm ... what else? Serbadk ... oh yes, SunCon.

Opcom : Broken the strong support ... new low time continue ...

Scable : After broken the important RM1 support ... now we are free fall.

Hope none of readers holding into these .... can't help much, tho.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

e-meeting : The Edge 26th Nov

The Edge : Nov 26th 2017

Sun, Nov 26, 2017 10:45 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

 Will share some headlines on The Edge and some highlights



Waterfalls : HuaYang and Latitute

HuaYang : As many property-counters at new low (52-week) .... some at 3years low while some at historical low.

Latitude : As 'furniture' stocks going lower ... so is Latitute. As I have abondoned the whole sector after it peaked, I will still be bearish and avoid the whole sector (Evergreen, FLBhd, Hevea etc)

Do not try to buy 'bottom' ...


Waterfalls : Esceram and FLBhd

11.40 pm : While waiting for Liverpool's game ... checking on waterfalls ... and STILL falling ...

Note : I feel sorry for those STUCK up there.

Esceram : Peaked about 64 cents ... now, at 29cents we are more than 50% down. Well ... the downtrend continues ... irrespective of 'glove' in play. By the way, I traded it up but abandoned the whole sector (glove-stocks rallied back then). AVOID.

FLBhd : want to say ... don't fall in love. I remember a reader met me for coffee-chat and his father (Sabahan) is a supplier (timber) to this company ... and he said AVOID at all cost. He grew up there, and knew in-out of the company!! But I told him that I will trade it up ... exit once it is down. I have covered my 'back' ... unlike those who will continue to argue about the 'good' fundamental.

Well ... tho I met him once, I do trust his 'stories'.

Behind the stocks I traded, there are many stories I heard about ... and I trust the chart.

There are too many to mention ... and most O&G and Properties stocks are still way down from the peaks.

No one could make you do what you do not want to do ... no one to be blamedif we are stuck up there!!

Enjoy the song ...


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Stock Alert : Supermax

Supermax will be in my watch list next week ... due to the news of Stanley. Currently at resistance RM2.10. Watch and no take.

Read the above bad news.


Gap down : IQGroup, Ekovest and Mitra

IQGroup : since the gap-down which I wrote about it, for past two days I had e-meeting to share with readers/members about SELL on the first day of gap-down if we are 'inside' ... cut-loss or take profit(if bought lower).

IQGroup is just one of the examples I shown ... we all knew there are so many gap-down recently. Most of the time, we will HOPE it will rebound ... well, try to remove the emotional baggage of HOPING as market is that cruel ... clear it off so that we wont be stuck inside.

Ekovest : A more popular stock that shown strong uptrend ,... Ekovest (a better stock to mention rather than IWCity ... hehehe). There are still many holding on to her ... it has gaps ... and now, drifting lower. Guess the potential direction : up and reverse or ... perhaps, drifting lower? think.

Mitra : uptrend ... then sideway ... after the 1st gap-down ... that is SELL. It was RM1.20 plus ... if not, it experienced 2nd gap-down ... and yesterday closed at 82 cents level. Well ... hard to see it will reverse (I won't catch her) ... and let it go. talk all you want about the fundamentals as market will go where it wants to go ...

Gap downs are NOT my waterfall-list ... different. I do buy into waterfalls but not gap-downs unless for short-term day-trade (sell on rebound, buy on panic).

e-meeting : I had e-meeting EVERYDAY from Monday(for members only) ... Tuesday ... Wednesday talked about ENDURANCE ... Thu-Fri talked about GAP DOWN. No e-meeting on Sat-Sun as it is rest nights with family or watching my Liverpool's game.

Trading Workshop : there are two of them messages me about my trading workshop. Ok, I will plan another one (suitable for newbies) in Dec 23rd (tentative). See if I have few participants, I will have it. Contact me at  or watsapp 012-8210129.

OK ... time jalan-jalan ... have a nice weekend.


Friday, November 24, 2017

e-meeting : Gap Down (part 2)

Gap Down (part 2)

Fri, Nov 24, 2017 10:45 PM - 11:45 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

continuation of last night's e-meeting.



Steel : Masteel and LionInd

Masteel : bought into her yesterday due to nice technical and as QR out (good report), it gap up this morning to 1.50 level ... sold her off. Well, I bought in Masteel after seeing LionInd up so much for past two days ... guess what happens to LionInd this morning?

LionInd : GAP DOWN ... and minus 8-10% at the moment.

LionInd is much more volatile ... 'old' stocks where many aunties-uncles stuck up there (above RM3) ... so, it attracts many retailers.

Gap down : Last night talked about GAP DOWN, we saw Hevea doing the stunt after FLBhd days ago. Write later.

Ok ... need to go to gym.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Stock Alert : Scable

Scable : broken RM1 support some time ago recently ... I did not check it for very long time, saw it gap down today!!

Do not catch.


e-meeting : Should we cut-loss if gap down?

Cut-loss if gap-down?

Thu, Nov 23, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Tonight's topic ... sharing some gap-down charts.



Endure the cut-loss

Thurday morning ... talked about Endurance last night and how important it is to stay positive in any condition of markets, so that we could continue to learn from the trades ... mistakes and such.

Boilerm ... since I m chatting on it at the chatbox, while blogging here ... mght as well show it here. I have cut-loss it months ago, given back the profit (and more) during the short-surge but it is not sustainable.

I was using this stock as 'value investing' experiment ... lost and admitted wrong entry. From the chart today, whatever entry price, most likely we are in paperloss if we do not CUT LOSS.

I always remind myself that this is year 2017  cut-loss is the ultimate survival skill needed.

This is FLBhd afer yesterday's selldown (again)

This is the weekly chart ... and from the peak there, I left the whole furniture sector end-dec-2015. In 2016, I was more into Construction as in 2014, the focus was export-related stocks such as 'furniture', due to strengthening of USD. DO NOT buy into such charts ... unless we are 'fundamentalist' and long term investors ... I m not.

Ok ... time to exercise. Need to get my butt out of this comfort-zone.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

e-meeting : Endurance

Endurance (during crash)

Wed, Nov 22, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Join me in my blah-blah talk ...




Stock Alert : FLBhd

FLBhd : Been alerting few times as it continues to go lower, gap down to break RM1.40 support. See you at RM1.20 level and will alert again.

Obviously, the trend is over looooong time again, reversed at RM3 shooting star. Once the first neckline support broken ... over. Along the way, of coz it will rebound ... and drift lower ... cant understand why SO MANY asking about FLBhd ... cheap becoming cheaper ... prepare to stuck for looong period and to average down is not advisable.

Market not crash yet .... but so many stuck inside FLBhd (why ar? in love?) ... wait till crash, FLBhd in penny, then only talk about cheap or FA, can?

Trade at own risk.

Note : I hv abandoned FLBhd t RM2.80 level


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

e-meeting : Time to buy?

e-meeting : Is it time to BUY?

Tue, Nov 21, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

We need to sell ahead of the sell-off ... and then check if we could buyback much lower.

Talk about that tonight.




Stock Alert : Gamuda-we

Gamuda-we : breaking RM1.14 today ... at 1.08 now, see if I could catch it.

Today ... Cuscapi done some killing in morning to dive 10% lower. See how many retailers could sustain to hold.

I m ading Gamuda-we for technical-rebound ... uptrend, trade breakout. Downtrending ... do counter-trend trade la.


Stock Alert : Dnex

Dnex ... was once a popular hot-stock. See how they push it up marked-up twice ... and now on the way down .

AVOID if you are not in position.

I do not check Dnex since it down and sideway.


Monday, November 20, 2017

e-meeting : MMSV

Today is Monday ... another bearish day.

FCPO : gapped down and I covered my short (last Friday) and it went lower ... minus 80plus points today, loooong time I do not see such volatilities. No guts to short back at closing (2630). Oversold.

KLCI no rebound zzzz

Ok ... going to start to do short clips regular basis. Then, post to youtube. I need to be careful (not to expose many out there) and strictly focus in analysing stocks.

Tonight : 8pm to 8.30pm

Stock Analysis #1 : MMSV

Mon, Nov 20, 2017 8:00 PM - 8:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Will take MMSV as my 1st youtube clip.

Will create a channel ... instead of blogging, can start Vlog.


Buying during crash

If you are 'normal' human ... who read forums, read media and social-media channels ... you will tend to FOLLOW the herd.

That is one of the reasons I left forums some 3-4 years ago as I noticed that most like/enjoy empty talks ... and also many runners there to MIS-lead us.

I do not follow the telegram/watsapp groups too ... as it is noisy, with so many 'sifus' around.

So ... i listened to Hu-Li-Yang ... he said : Cash is king in this coming few years. Also ... if u bought some stocks WRONGLY, you might stuck for years!!

So ... what should we do?

Be a contrarian ... avoid all the social-public forums. Avoid reading broker-reports. Trade short-term with STRICT cut-loss.

Keep cash ... we are still in BULLish market.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

e-meeting : Property Stocks

Property Stocks

Sun, Nov 19, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Just sharing some trading ideas on property-stocks.

Join my stock-trading group (contact : )




Saturday, November 18, 2017

LBS vs L&G

L&G : downtrending ... support now at 21cents, and I could not find a reason WHY I should buy into her ... perhaps, speculators buying 21cents to sell at resistance 23cents.

LBS : This is uptrend ... now, we could see which one is nicer. Pending breakout into new high, there are NOT many uptrending property-stocks.

So ...  always trade into uptrading stocks ... just check the chart and use eyes to see : is it up or down? No need softwares or those indicators. Need little brain, tho.

Once you found an uptrending stock ... learn to trade uptrending and GET OUT once the trend is over.

Search for internet ... define the trend.

Have a good Sunday.


Checking on Property Stocks

Saturday noon ... just done morning session of my tuiion classes and had my lunch. Still have an hour to blog ... while reading The Edge and Focus, reading only the headlines. Today's StarBiz is more interesting as it is written about 'property-sector'. Overall, I m bearish on the sector and have abandoned it some years ago.

SPSetia ... creating som excitement, with huge volume seen last week. One of the few property counters still standing ... I still remember that I bought and collect SPSetia as when Liew exited SP ... for Eco. Well, Ecoworld is the back-door listing in KLSE, then given birth to EWInternational.

Ecoworld : Can't remember the exact price of the private placement (PP) by a 'prominent' investor ... 1.20-1.30 level, I think. I didnt take any trades into property stocks. No way.

Property index at support now ... and since the 'guru' said property market might crash in 2018, The Star paper dedicating the weekend biz-news relating to property-stories.

So ... since many bearish in 'property-sector' and news creating more fear, being a contrarian ... I will check on the whole sector later (perhaps an e-meeting to share) and to see opportunities to trade (I will not buy-hold property counters ... it is 2017 now, ya)

UEMS ... this attracts me better ... ok, put inside my trading-stalk list.

Ok ... time to listen to songs, rest ... and do more work on 'property stocks' over the weekend.

Have a nice buying ... buy during FEAR la. Dont just quote Warren Buffett.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Stock Alert : VS

VS : Broken the important RM3 level yesterday. EXIT.

Note : It triggered my cut-loss VS-wa 1.34 yesterday. This morning rebounded to hit 1.37 but as expected selling pressure comng in ... at 1.25 now. DO NOT CATCH.


Stock Update : MMSV

After MMSV broken the neckline ... the two black candles showing more downside.

MMSV after yesterday ... see if we could have another long black to consider buying into.

Note : I will day-trade MMSV today if there is opportunity.

Thanks to all who came for my e-meeting last night where I shared WHY it is so important to cut-loss (or take profit) when the neckline broken so that, if we wanted to ... we could buyback earlier.

It is a DOWNTRENDING stock now, the one I traded all the way up till recently cut-loss at 1.78.

Trade at own risk.