Monday, October 30, 2017

Stock Watch : Tecfast

Tecfast : I used this one as an example for last night's 'breakout' discussion ... in uptrending stock, high will go higher ... and we need to take care of the risk, it is 'OK' to buy into these uptrending stocks.

So ... I will encourage my trading group to 'follow' the trending stocks, rather than checking on so-called under-valued down-treding stocks. Leave that to fundamentalists ...

cohort 26 : It is confirmed that I will have a trading workshop next month , 11th Nov (Sat) and tose interested to join, contact me at

Time to prepare for market opening. Soybean oil breakout last Friday from the very strong resistance (hourly) ad we expect FCPO to gap up and open higher (long FCPO).


Sunday, October 29, 2017

e-meeting : Trading breakout

e-meeting : breakout Sun, Oct 29, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Will be giving 'examples' to explain one of the breakout trading system.

note : only meant for traders.


Turtle Traders : Curtis Faith

Re-reading the book ... chosen few pages to re-call what I have read about 'breakout' or 'trade with a trend' ...

so, time to re-look into the alteration I have made over the years ...

AeonCr : breakout ... let us check how to use the 'turtle-trading' to ride on the new uptrend(up-leg)

Trading workshop : Planning on one ... 12th NOV (Saturday) as A-level exams going on and I m kinda 'free' now.

contact :


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Breakouts : Comfort and Tecfast

Comfort : breakout strongly from the RM1 ... closed at RM1.10.

Tecfast : ex-bonus ... then yesterday shot up, breakout of 77cents (adjusted).

Tawin breakout too ... there might be a few more which I m not monitoring as I m trading the two above.

Trade uptrend, trade hot-stocks and trade breakouts.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

e-meeting : Preparations

Being a trader : Preparations

Sun, Oct 15, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.




画 by 赵雷


Wèi jìmò de yèkōng huà shàng yīgè yuèliàng
bǎ wǒ huà zài nà yuèliàng xiàmiàn gēchàng
wèi lěngqīng de fángzi huà shàng yī shàn dà chuāng
zài huà shàng yī zhāng chuáng

huà yīgè gūniáng péizhe wǒ
zài huà gè huābiān de bèiwō
huà shàng zào lú yǔ cháihuǒ
wǒmen yīqǐ shēnglái yīqǐ huó

huà yīqún niǎo er wéizhe wǒ
zài huà shàng lǜ lǐng hé qīng pō
huà shàng níngjìng yǔ xiánghé
yǔdiǎn er zài dàotián shàng piāoluò

huà shàng yǒu nǐ néng yòng shǒu chù dào de cǎihóng
huà zhōng yóu wǒ juédìng bù miè de xīngkōng
huà shàng wānqū wújìn píngtǎn de xiǎolù
jìntóu de rénjiā mèng yǐ rù

huà shàng mǔqīn ānxiáng de zīshì
hái yǒu xiàngpí néng cā qù de zhēngzhí
huà shàng sìjì dōu bù chóu de liángshí
 yōuxián de rén cóng méi xīnshì

 wǒ méiyǒu cā qù zhēngchǎo de xiàngpí
 zhǐyǒu yī zhī huàzhe gūdú de bǐ
 nà yèkōng de yuè yě bù zài liàng
 zhǐyǒu gè yōuyù de hái'zi zài chàng

 wèi jìmò de yèkōng huà shàng yīgè yuèliàng

Note : very nice song ... and I m learning to sing it. Hope to sing this number in karaoke (i will only go with family la)


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Trading FCPO

This is FCPO (Jan18) daily chart ... by Wenhua. We do need to check on soyoil prices too, as normally they move in tandem.

Time-frame used : 15min, 30min and hourly.

One could use charts too but I m more familiar withWenHua after using it daily for 1-2 years now. I have TCPro but not familiar with that do, but TCPro needed when web-based platform will freeze/jam due to 'high-volume' moments. Well, I m still a newbie in trading FCPO, so ... I could not say much. Tho I m doing consistent now, I have loads to learn.

Yes ... I wish to reach out to those few who really trade FCPO (for living) and we could exchange ideas and learning together.

Do contact me :



Monday, October 09, 2017

Stock Watch : Sendai

Sendai : huge volume moved in last week ... and breakout of 85cents resistance. Now, it is above 90cents ...20MA. BUY.


TED : Stock Market Psychology

A good talk for Monday morning.


Saturday, October 07, 2017

Idea : Trading for living (FCPO)

It is 1pm ... just had lunch by my own and going to blog for half hour or so ... before another tuition class .

If we are newbies to trading, I would strongly advise that you start with increasing our knowledge, in which ... due to information overload, many BS fake things we will read. It is near impossible for newbies to understand WHAT to filter and what is not.

Take that piece of advice.

You see, as majority are losers out there (80% , the said) there is no way that we ask around and fund someone who will tell us the truth about their trades and also what is the so-called BEST method to trade consistently.

You may attend a FREE talk on trading FCPO ... they scam those advertisements in telegram, watsapp and all social media groups/pages ... FREE? Tell the speakers or organiser ... HEY, if you know how to trade FCPO (Rm25 per point, ya!!), why are you STILL giving free talks in small-scales and such? WHY still trying to SELL some software which could beat the markets? WHY still charging fees for buy/sell signals? WHAT?

We can use that software ... long or short in huge manner, and profit so-so well in FCPO, right?

Imagine : one contract = RM5k capital.

RM25 per point ... long and gain 20bits = RM25 x 20 = RM500 per lot.

LONG 10 lots (or bigger la) ... RM5k profits in a "simple" ONE HOUR (it moves 20bits easily, up or down).

Then, we SHORT ... when the signals shown, and profit another RM5k the next hour!!

Simple as that ... RM10k profits per day, utilising RM50k capital. That is a cool 20% per DAY.

Assuming we do that consistently, RM50k profits = 100% per week.

So ... do you think I will sell you the software to trade well? i will be using it myself, trading for living. In fact, I could gather some seriousinvestors to put in huge money and trade 100lots, instead of just 10lots ... or my pathetic daily 1 lot trade?

It is NOT realistic ... the issue of RISK comes into mind.

There is no system or softwares to generate such trade-signals. Otherwise, it will NOT be sold out there to public!! Simple common sense ... those promoters and speakers earn money by selling softwares and it is not wrong at all. Both willing parties ... why not? It is just like buying those massage chairs rather than going for massage regularly ... but not neccesary as effective or we are using them, right? haha.

Trading for living is real ... real trades using real money and trading real instrument.

It is hard if we are trading stocks as besides needing huge capitals, we need to buy at lower price, to sell higher. We could not "SHORT" ... sell first and buying it back at lower.

Trading supposed to be TWO ways ... long or short. Softwares or tools just to help up. So, those are not expensive, some even provde free charts. Wen-hua charts are FREE ... and the best around. Who says free is not good? That is because they want to justify us to invest in their expensive softwares, right?

I do not know how to read chinese ...but we all know how to read MA or indicators, right? Support-Resistance?

I have been trading FCPO for past 2-3 yrs ... initial years was crazy, and got burnt. Again ... burnt. Then ... I paused for months, before re-examined the strategies and getting wiser!!

Now, if is possible to generate few 'k' profits (from RM10k-RM20k capital) per month. POSSIBLE ... but very challenging. If we are un-realistic person, we could not be a trader.

I do hope to know real FCPO traders (for living .. not only those working in banks) .. those trading for living. Those REAL traders ... shall we meet up?

Normally, our brokers would provide us charts too : TCPro is very good.

But as I m so used to wen-hua, I m sticking to it ... to trade SOYOIL and FCPO.

Here is the link to download the desktop which I do not use ... I m using the apps.

One could 'google' trading FCPO or youtube ... check if there is any GOOD and REAL traders in FCPO, successfully ... and being a full-time trader ... earn good living from trading !!

I m still searching for those traders ... not promoters. It is like ... very few.

Well ... I will see hw far I could survive , swimming with the sharks.

But ... I will not quit. I will continue to probe on ... and come out with a consistent system to trade well, profitably.

Note : I m interested to meet with those full-time REAL traders or those intend to trade ... full-time, in future. Contact me :

Have a nice trading week ahead.


Thursday, October 05, 2017

Stock Watch : Aemulus

Bought yesterday but only managed to buy 'small' position and sold off at 64cents done. So, trying to buyback and see if it will close above 63cents. Selling would be at 66cents recent surge resistance.

 Have a coffee-date this morning. An biz-man ... and he said he followed my blog and wish to talk about learning to trade!!

Note : those wish to learn to trade ... short-term or learning from basic about stock-market trading, can contact me :

as I have moved to

Long FKLI ... long FCPO currently.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

DOW at new high 22, 641.67

Morning ... just to record this here : DOW at new high again ...

Well, KLCI rebounded yesterday ... and hold to my long FKLI. It has been 'weird' that FKLI at discount.

FCPO is to rebound from here and I have turned long yesterday, from short for past a week?

It has been a difficult 2-3 weeks as many stocks drifting lower.

VS : breakout to new high again

Have a nice trading week as we shall see some 'green' around after days of red.