Friday, August 25, 2017

Trading Breakout

Morning ... it is Friday.

Sold many yesterday for short-term touch-n-go ...

Uchitec : Yesterday ... a must sell as a trader. I sold off all a RM2.20 ... after holding for about 3 months, taken 8cents dividend along the way. A good stock ... and it exploded yesterday, with huge volume and gap up, waited for such buying-climax period SELL. Sell if off when everyone wants it.

Not all trades I m doing the touch-n-go ... but I m looking only at uptrend stocks. I have ignored the value-investing idea which I was into for past 4 months, and ... cut-loss. Still stuck inside another stock, planning to cut-loss if it jumps ...

You see, being a trader .... we should be looking at UPTREND and trading breakout, rather than buying into those stocks ...going lower ... and lower. Some shown technical rebound such as TunePro (which I day traded due to the high volume ... sold a RM1.10). But generally, buy into uptrend stocks ... why bother to check on FLBhd or Evergreen?

To me, it is 2017 ....doesnt make sense to buy ... the average it down ... hold. So, I m in total disagreement with such strategies ...

Buy uptrend ... tech-sector and hold. That is fine.

I have initiate buy into tech-sector since last year Dec as I 'abandoned' the construction rally (trading those in year 2016 : OKA, Econbhd, SunCon still moved higher since then) .. and tech-rallies so much since then.

Krono and MMSV are no longer penny ...

MMSV : sold her at RM1.99, it hit RM2 ... I queued 1.99 in morning as R2 is the psycho-resistance. Will buy back on pullback. Bought the day before as it breakout into new high again ... been trading MMSV since 50cents ... all the way up.

That is the uptrending stck .... high ...going higher. As we know, MMSV got news ... to be listed in main-board. I do not read much but I guess such cooperate exercise news do help to push stocks UP. Reminded me of Elsoft or Boilerm when they were pushed so high up ... thanks to the news of tansferring to main board (they are now).

So ... how far could MMSV go? I dont know ... trade what we see from the chart ... price-volume actions. Why bother about noises?

Currently trading HSSEB as it breakout into new high ... also taken Dialog and still holding to my VS, breakout. Sold PMetal a day too early tho ... as it moves higher.

GHLSys : Bought on the breakout day of RM1.62 ... today is my SELL day at peak RM1.87. I m planning to queue to sell at RM1.85

Eforce ... in view as it is pending breakout too. Many more ... once it breakout, I will take.

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