Monday, August 21, 2017

Touch and Go trading

Monday morning ... KLCI not really affected by DOW selldown. Well, we are not even following DOW at new high, either. So ... is KLCI correlated to DOW? hmm .... weak correlation.

Yesterday, I received a watsapp from an 'old' reader ... he said he followed my blog since looong time ago, before I quit my full-time job ... and to focus in trading (and tuition classes too).

Well ... then, please go to as my new blog. I will post charts and analysis, including learning-corner there. This blog would be my blah-blah ... talk about anything under-the-sun. Haha.

So ... what Monday blah-blah I will like to talk about?

Oh yes, the e-meeting I had last night ... talking about WHY we should focus into theme-play and uptrending stocks only. At times, I m 'swayed' away ... and bought into some stocks which 'against' my own focus ... such as Maybulk (I cut-loss last month but last week it jumped like crazy!!)

Well ... It was downtrending ... and it is 'losing' money company. I have myself to blame to buy into it. I should be experience enough to know these turn-around stocks would take longer period of time to see ... the recovery(if ever).

But ... this year is 2017 ... trade ... and touch-n-go.

Even toll-plaza going to be fully auto ... so, making things 'quicker'.

CAB : This morning, my touch-n-go was CAB ... and sold. Traders profit 'small' but a good traders could do it consistently. That is possible ... if we are experienced, with knowledge and time to monitor.

Elsoft gap-down due to not good QR ... hit low 2.58, I queued RM2.50 too low and now it is at RM2.70!! Another day-trading candidate this morning ...

Krono : As I m writing here, Krono hitting new high at 99cents.

Day-trading is not easy ... tedious too. Even swing trading not easy either ... but we could see the volatilities have increased substantially ... and see if we fast-n-sharp mind, fast fingers ... and just do it.

For day-trading ... we need capitals ... we need low trading fees. But I will still not encourage most to day-trade. Seriously, we win small ... we have to make sure if trades not going our ways, we have to lose small (and still have to pay trading fees .... win or lose).

I need more practice in my touch-n-go skills ... and maintaining the focus.

Well .... better than holding to stocks ... downtrending it goes and claiming that they are under-valued. I dont know how to put valuations to many downtrending stocks which going lower ...

Will post few more waterfalls list (part II) later.

Time to rest and read.


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