Tuesday, August 22, 2017

T-n-G : CAB, Krono, TunePro

CAB : Done that yesterday ... sold RM1.07. Wait for contra-players selling to buyback lower.

Krono : let her go in opening RM1.05 ... no longer a penny!! What a good run ...

TunePro : I bought RM1 that day, andlet go at RM1.03 ... then it went below RM1 again ... huge volume yesterday, so ... this morning activated ... i bought in morning. lower queues not done ... queued to sell RM1.10 ... up 10%, done. Hit high RM1.11 now.

PMetal : Sold this morning too ... TQ

Time to rest ... as traders, we need to control and not to over-trade after few good trades.


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