Thursday, August 10, 2017

Selldown week

Frontkn : Selldown on Monday ... incredible dump ...and caught many off-guard. I wanted to have e-meeting about it but only 3 attended and I post-poned it. Well ... I talked about the importance of cut-loss (again ... for past ONE year now) as majority retailers will get caught into such, without them knowing ...

Presbhd : what is wrong with SKIN ... penyakit kulit is spreading and it has dived since then ... nearing to support, but will you like to be close with someone with penyakit-kulit?

TunePro : historical low price since listed ... cheap becoming cheaper. Will it goes below RM1, and becoming a penny-stock?

If one does not have a cut-loss point ... we will be STUCK up there, and yes ... as investors, we shall average it down? Think.

Note : This is 2017, I will DEFINITELY hope I m not stuck. I rather take losses.


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