Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sat blah-blah

但願 - 巫啟賢

遠遠的天敞開一扇門 聽我心願一聲聲
悠悠的歌唱出情意深 緩緩隨清風飛昇

遙遙的夢亮起一盞燈 暖暖趕路夜歸人
憂憂的心不會再苦悶 化成熱淚一陣陣

但願人生沒有淒冷 但願平安一程又一程
但願夢想都成真 但願情人不離分

但願人間沒有傷痕 但願人間還留一點真
但願人間沒有恨 但願人間沒紛爭

Morning ... Sat morning, normally I will have classes but this month ... my students going for their trial ... so, I m 'free' till afternoon. So, I could rest ... and it is a wet-rainy morning here.

Check my new blog there :

Too many happenings ... and since I didnt blog much these days. Well, busy + lazy ... plus no motivation?

It is interesting to talk about the failure in FA and TA. Simply because ... KLSE's stocks do not move according with what we think, what we know ... and simply learning those FA ratios would not help much. After few years in market, you will understand (if you don't , then you are mis-lead).

Also ... those softwares promoters, those so-called 'sifu' in technical charting have 'spoilt' the actual understanding of the use of chartings ... confusing those newbies further. Many REALLY thought paying thousands of dollars attending those SO-CALLED professionals (those wearing coat la tu ... I knew few 'trainers' and they are not even a trader leh) telling you how to trade ... using indicators, methods and what-have-you.

I have ...over the years, try to teach trading ... and reminded all how difficult trading is. It is not from whatever you read ... definitely kinda suckers to pay thousands to those so-called sifu (they even created trading academy! haha) ... if they are really good, they will manage our money and I m for sure wont mind park my money with them, and I do not need to struggle trading ...for living , right?

Perhaps ... those promoters killed the REAL essence in trading.

This is a book I recently 'promoted' to my group ... who wish to be a trader (in 5 years time, learning to trade real way). Reading good books as these is just one of the steps. Read with focus , deliberate practice ... as not many could FOCUS in their own learning ...due to distractions and works.

Yeah ... wish to share my experiences, how naive I was ... believing in so many 'myths' and trapped inside (till today, tho more matured ..still kena swayed)

wait ... one nice song in play now (as I m listening to youtube ... old songs)

see... this is the way I like to relax ... blogging my own way, sipping hot coffee in rainy day, writing about whats going-on ... and some of my thoughts, into the cyber-space ... let it be lost there.

It has been ...since AUG 2008 ... exactly 9 years ago, I started this space for voicing out my thoughts, emotions ...

... I ... have ... not ... been ... able ... to .... find ... the ... natural ... flow ... to ... blog.

explaining to many what a blog ... is tiring.

explaining why a person ... blog is more tiring.

because i m WAS a natural blogger since 20years ago (yup, since 1997 ... when internet was a CRAWL ... those jaring-era ... and if you dont know how we took 5 minutes just to diap-up!! haha)

ok ok ... not going there at the moment.

Lets talk about Liverpool's two games : drew Watford 3-3 and beat Crystal Palace narrowly 1-0

The important game vs the Gunners ... that is a must to win.

Or perhaps, we talk about SeaGames ... where our bowlers won the masters!!

How many 'stock market' bloggers are REAL bloggers? Most of them created bloggers for personal agenda .... and some of them are 'runners'. Well, at least they earn money and get followers!! But, look at the way I LIKE to blog ... I like it naturally ... like to blah-blah ... and more of sharing my daily stories.

It is also sharing of my experiences ... in trading. That might 'help' some newbies ... on the real-trader's life.

So ... I do not wish to change the way I blog, given in to the "pressure". And no one going to change that, either.

Give me time ... I will be back here ... BLOGGING. I do not wish to leave my cyber-home.

Have a nice weeknd.


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