Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday blah-blah

Good morning ... DOW minus 67 points. Nothing much as KLCI is not correlated to DOW.

KLCI chart ... I m going long. But .. it has been sideway without direction and many stocks trading at low volume.

So ... since market is boring, move away ... and trading SOY is interesting now due to the swing. It gapped up this morning ... hit 34.14 ... and yesterday's low was at 33.23 ... every bit = USD6. Serious traders should consider FKLI, FCPO and SOY ... these are my main focus at the moment.

Today kinda glad with my morning short of SOY, taken 19bits.

Ok ... let this post goes in first ... and then only continue my blah-blah. haha.

12.10 pm : I guess the post should be sent to i3 by now ... so, now I could continue to blog and it would not be refesh and whatever I m going to write after this will NOT be seen in i3. haha.

But ... I will want to go for lunch first.

Vitrox : Breakout today ... above RM4.10. Buy.

VS breakout yesterday .... BUY.

off for lunch.


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