Saturday, July 22, 2017

Headlines of Focus (week 242)

This week Focus headlines


Nestle : At above RM83 ... it is still a good strong uptrend. Will it split-10 ... just like what Digi did, so that it would be trading at RM8.30 ... which 'looks' cheaper? Actually, split will not add value to the stocks, just the liquidity.

While Nestle may not attract most retailers (RM83 is expensive in their mine ... no understanding that it is the same as buying into RM8.30 ... or 83cents stocks, actually) ... another side headlines attract us more ...

BDB ... Opensys .. and Bornoil.

In fact ... I bought the 'paper' to read about Bornoil.

For the three charts, do visit as I will update the charts there (by tmr night).


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