Tuesday, July 04, 2017

DOW hit new high

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Morning to new high DOW ... taken this picture of my screen when DOW hit plus 200+ ... but closed 130 points. Anyway, KLCI is wayyyy lags behind the US.

Perhaps we have 1MDB issue re-surface ... or ....

It is speculated that election won't be in 2017. So ... we shall wait for the official announcement. Rumours and speculative news spreading through many channels, most of them just to grab our attention and created to promote their channels!!

KLCI rebounds from low ... closed 5 points up. We shall see some rebound this week and dont really know it is sustainable. 1800 still in our mind but shall check 1785 level first.

Well, I m still comfortable being here but I m gradually moving away ... and informing some of my readers here that I m going to blog more in

So .... do visit me me in my new blogspot.



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