Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Assignments for newbies

Great morning ... not been blogging for a while .. not only the flu-cough slowing me down, the tuition classes are back.

Also ... these days, focusing in short term trading. Focus ...

I tried my new-blog ... someone, the mental block is still there ... couldnt write blah-blah there ... all serious stuff, charts ... and more on my trades! Arrgghh .... can I just let my hair down? Oppss ... I hv very short hair-cut. haha

My blog .... oh boy, I m abandoning this home of mine ...

FGV : Sold 1.68 done moments ago ... good trade.

Done many of these short-term trade ... yesterday a new member done his first trade .... and followed my entry of Ekovest 1.08-1.09 ...cut-loss 1.05, can take? Can .... good his first assignment I given him.

Before market closed, I gave him his second assignment = FGV. Today is sell 1.68 ... done.

So, as he is newbie ... he needs to learn to be discipline and follow strictly to trading rules I m trying to show him .

Going for his third assignment (missed dataprp this morning) ... efficen

Got to focus in my trades ... FCPO is opening.


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