Saturday, June 24, 2017

Raya Charity 2017

Morning ... to the Raya weekend.

trying out to use my S-pen ... and to create my own ...

learning to print-screen well but no editting skill yet ... so, will try to learn how to use my S-pen coming weeks/months.

Well ... it is kinda long week for me ... tho it is quiet in markets.

Charity : I m helping a Malay family ... with hubby not well and they have 3 OKU kids. So ... I helped to raise funds (so many of my friends and FB-friends contributed --- 29 of them) and to clear their ah-long debt .... they were living in fear and I got to know about their difficulties when I got to know their kids not coming to the school for past weeks.

So ... ah-long debt raised in ONE DAY ... yup, it took me a day of posting  in my FB (without details) to raise the funds, showing many supporting my good cause to help fella Malaysians. Instead of my yearly visit to orphanage to distribute food-items ... I m focusing to help this family out ...

I m already in stage 3 of helping them ...

Stage 1 : Clear the ah-long debt. These are suckers and rubbish of society ... never get involved.

Stage 2 : buy them some groceries and personally, I bought the raya-clothes for their 3 special-kids, they are happy (11, 9 and another 2 year old cute girl ... autism cases). I gave them some cash too last week... for the raya.

In case you do not know what autism is , a simple search ... will help.

My girl is categorised under mild-autism ... she is 9 years old but she can't speak yet. She is jovial ... happy in her own world, but temperament ... and could be eomotionally drained. I have 1 special girl ... they have 3. One of their girl ... 9yrs old is my girl's good friend. So ... I feel good helping them.

stage 3 : As mom knows how to buat kuih-muih, I asked her to start from there ... I will buy fro her and distribute to nearby charity-homes (ANYONE knew any homes needing free kuih-muih, I will buy from her and donate to the homes ... I will be the delivery boy, ya).

I got these 200 biji kuih from her ... she is doing it herself yesterday, letih ... but never complain as she knew she has to take responsibilities ... of bringing-up her kids ... by herself.

Call her : 016 - 389 0711 ... or contact me, if u wish to help them.

Stage 4 : Get their kids to school ... and get them some toys/books ... they needs to be occupied so that mom can focus in building her humble kuih-biz ... with Uncle Teh helps.

Stage 5 : by end of this month, they have tonnes of out-standing bills and loans(house). I will help to clear some next week ... and see how to engage them with NGO, Banks , Zakat-dept ... and such.

Stage 6 : Get his hubby's biz (tow truck) going again ... still dont know how.

With my mind focus in helping this family ... all I could say is ... thanks for helping, supporting ... and even listening.

Selamat Hari Raya ... remembering that there are still MANY families (under-privileged and poor) struggling to meet ends .

Ber-syukur la ... enjoy this song I like very much ...


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