Saturday, June 03, 2017

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It is Saturday ... I m home-alone.

I wanted to start a new blog ... all over again but ... stumbled. Failed. My have been buried for almost a year now. I no longer stress myself to create a new blog as I m still an IT-idiot ... so, I have to stick to this old blog.

May be I could delete ALL the links etc etc ... for a start!!

Then ... do some 38- things here ... to celebrate the 38-38 posts. Yeah ... this is my 3838 posts ... after I started some 10 years ago!! WOW ... I have kinda paused .... got lazy ... got busy and distracted. I m so reluctant to blog here ... as I knew the blog is linked to i3 (i got many nasty-fans in i3, i guess. haha). But anyway ... I m still ignoring majority around me, anyway.

So ... what 38-things to do?

Instead of starting a new blog, I could give this blog a new taste ... instead of posting songs, I could try to post recipe ... ? Hmm ... wait till I could find the inspiration to blog ... pardon me, I m off-ing this post half way to do 38-things to my blog : delete ALL the links etc etc.

visit me :

See how I could learn how to 'hide' my blog from public ... and put it under re-striction. haha

5.55 pm : DONE ... deleted many ... hmm ...I think I can delete off ALL ... including the oil-exchange-klse ... hmm ... leave it first as it till I could find something to replace them.

Time to go out ... and have life.

have a nice weekend.


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