Sunday, June 11, 2017

Open a foreign-trading account

Morning ... it is Sunday. Happy Father's Day to many good fathers out there ... we deserve a pat-at-back as we have been such a good provider to our family --- financially and emotionally.

I was showing my group this morning ... my buying into CWP, China-Water and Geely back in 2009 May/June. All those are trading in HKSE. Yes ... get out of KLSE if we wish to capitalise fully in the coming crash. Move to US .... the core of all crisis.

CWP : My best trade to-date ... from 25cents and lucky to sell at HKD1.

Buy into HKSE and US-markets during crash. That is part of my funds-allocation (30%). Join me during crash if you wish to move into HK/US with my guidance ...just move out of KLSE to earn hugely la ... JUST DO IT.

Have a nice weeend.


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