Monday, June 26, 2017

Health at 50 on ...

At age 50 ... we are ageing ... our bodies given signals and symptoms that we are ... indeed, old. tear-n-wear signs shown ... after years of living ... surviving storms!!

hair : thinning ... the dandruff-issue was never solved but supressed by anti-dandruff shampoo .. head-n-shoulder ... yes, those technical-chart pattern some might be yelling when they see such patterns ... or inverted H&S? Well ... it is just the shampoo I used ... I don't use those chart-pattern.

eyes : used to have such good eye-sight ... but ever since I started to read-books (I do not read for exams in my school or uni-years) and using lots of pc ... in 2005 onwards, my eye-sight deteriorating ... and I started to wear old-man specs some 5 years ago!! I can't read without my glasses these days ... sigh ...

teeth : needless to say, I have lost few precious teeth ... pulled 2 wisdom teeth, done root-canals etc etc ... more to go ... soon.

ear : losing my hearing too ... years of headphones/earphones ... years of music.

tummy : the beer-belly is obvious and the diameter is growing ... well, I always joke of having the six-pack ... but the joke is on me. As the belly growing, so is the eating ... an urgent needs to change my diet and regular exercise is advised.

stamina : very low ... started gym, on-off ... irregular in my jogs ... and the only way to build that is to be consistent in my exercise routine. Need the motivation ...

knee : at times, in pain ... could not longer go for bowling or run 10km. This is something I have accepted for past 5-6 years ...

legs : tired ... if I walked a distance ... and at times, cramp. Used to play football under the rain when I was younger ... or played badminton much. Can't even lift a racquet ... or have friends to play with. Any groups out there wont mind having a 50-year-old player to join them to play for fun?

high-cholestrol : this is shown in my yearly medical report ... for few years now. Used to have kinda perfect report ... something I used t be proud of (considering my bad diet)

sugar-level : last year shown an increase in my sugar-level ... perhaps due to choc or dairy drink? Or my intake of milkshake? Hmm ... let me promote milkshake ... hehe

This is shakeaway ... I taken Jayden ... will go for Carmen next.

From head to toe ... I m ageing ... even my mental. I m slower ... in many things. Guess we have to accept such ... as that is what we have to face, as 'heaven-hell' is calling ...

As we still alive, take good care of our health. Do not need to get into fights (especially with unknown people online ... forums, telegrams, watsapp, facebook ... etc) ... and no hatred.

There will always bad human bad-mouthing us ... we have to let them be ... and let go ...

Long lived a good fruitful lives, all.



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