Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Sell in May and ...

1st Day of May ... holiday for most but I have tuition classes from 9am till 4.30pm ... then, home to nap!!

One of the points given to be self-made millionaire ... to work while others resting. So, I worked ... as long as got classes, I will continue to work ... keep those bullets ... prepare for opportunites to earn more money!!

9.20pm : Now .. I will hv an e-meeting , weekly with members ... so, will continue later.

2nd day of May ... noon, KLCI up 7.77 points. Bullish towards 1800 now.

AirAsia : At new high RM3.40 today ... short more at .. emm ... RM3.50? hehe

As RSI for KLCI was at 68.2 last Friday, today we shall see RSI above 70, reduce further.

Hovid-wb : Sold 20cents for small profits.

Elsoft : Breakout.

Censof : Breakout

Dufu : Breakout

VS : Going into new high

Dnex : Going higher .. new breakout.

So many to buy on breakout ... hard to know which will run faster.
Chase chase ... it is tiring, at times. Just I rather ... rest and wait.

Time to go for classes again ...


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