Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Buy low, sell high?

PetGas : Sold at 20MA ... highlighted area where I went in.

TopGlove : Sharp rebound ... I sold at 20MA and moved to another stock ... which is holding to paper-profit. Some members still holding (our entry was RM4.60) and exit is RM5.20. Well, I explained the entry in last night e-meeting as example. It is kinda no-brainer with RSI at 15 level.

BJCorp : I have asked all to sell at 37cents, while I sold in morning at 36cents (and moved to Notion in the morning). Well ... I explained why we entered at 34.5 cents. If you bought few hundreds lots, it is a good profit.

Boilerm : This is not so straight-forward as our entry was around 85-86 cents ... and it breakout 91.5 resistance. I q-ed to sell 91cents and it was done ... but I did not buyback at closing price of 94cents. Will watch for next entry ... when some contra-players selling.

So ... it is buy-low, sell high (easier said than done in REAL) ... but stocks could go higher after it hit our targets. We could only plan ... all trades above are real (you may want to think of it as fake, whichever way, doesn't matter to me, ya). And yes, all the above I sold ... PetGas exited at good price it came back down ... while the other 3 went higher after I sold for 'something' else ...

I was holding to many stocks during the short pull-back in KLCI ...

Here is KLCI pull-back time ... when I covered my FKLI short ... and started to buy stocks and long FKLI.

As I cleared many stocks ... and hold to a short at 1768, I will want to see if there is a pullback again tmr or Friday ... to sell my remaining short-term trading stocks and buyback those stocks up there ... or those in my list.

Have a nice Wesak Day.


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