Sunday, April 09, 2017

Wanna meet to talk about REITs?

Good Sunday morning ... checking on KLCI and DOW showing both below 20MA.

Today , I would like to make an appointment with whoever interested to DISCUSS (not a one way market talk) about REITs.

Topic : Are REITs worth investing in 2017?

Venue : USJ 1 Kapitan  (it is here : )

Time : 4.30pm to 6.30pm

As I do not have the answer (only my personal opinions), I would like to hear from others. Let's meet and talk over a teh-tarik.

SunReit : I have sold her off. Bought during breakout. Adjusted dividends. Well, I still like to lepak at Sunway Pyramid ...

check them out here : ... to understand what under Sunreit.

PER : 15 - 16 level

DY : around 5-6% ... around 9-10cents. Better than FD rate.

Revenue : consistent for past few recent quarters ... increased from 2013, some 20-30%.

Trend : uptrend, consolidation.

Today ... we shall discuss about it ... (Aug2014)


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