Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trading is very difficult

Bursa : The tai-kor going higher ... hitting RM10 now.

Tech-rally continues today with MPI breaking RM12, the beloved Dnex breakout of 50cents (at 54.5 cents now) and Myeg hitting RM2.16. So ... tech-rally should continue?

Many in my group still holding VS-wa, some holding to Inari-wb ... and those tech-tech ... I started to move to tech in Jan (moved out from last year construction : ChinHin, OKA, Econbhd, Gadang, Gamuda, GKent and such). The trend is tech-tech ... so, will be trading tec for 2017.

Well ... the get-rich-quick Seacera-wa down 30plus % ... another get-rich-quick Anzo in play ... I didnt realise Anzo was the ex-Harvest .... I laughed when I got to know. haha ... those in 2011 would know Harvest's stories where many harvesting her till RM2 plus.

Last night ... I managed to capture this ... 222.22 ... nice or not?

2 = yi = easy

So ... get-rich-quick?

JJ poor-to-rich ... what a name?!!

No way ... we could not alert those involved. Can you teach others not to be GREEDY and be logical? It is MONEY leh ... how do you explain many sucked inside? Sad to know, actually .... but move-on, learn the lesson... move on. Use brain, next time.

FCPO : Gapped down 40points in opening ... minus 55 now, great.

SOY : Profited USD100 last night ... (half-drunk) and went to sleep. haha

Cohort-24 : Glad that I had a trading workshop with few of them (one repeater ... allowed to repeat for free, ya ... if you are still in the trading group) ... so, my next cohort-25? I don't know ... perhaps in Nov ...

I have taught all ... the fact. Trading is very difficult. Don't try to trade AFTER retired (start trading after that ... crazy ... go for investing la ... buy during crash, cannot ar?)

Those get-rich-quick trading system, I do wonder why are they selling to public since they could get-rich from trading so quick (come to FCPO or SOY, ya).

So .. aftr believing in hard-work in learning ... doing, experiencing ... and failed ... wake up ... re-define and move on ... that is difficult part as it needs 10, 000 hours of deliberate practice.

One may attend those preview of trading-courses or softwares, we could hear those promoters trying hard to convince some greedy-ignorant about how we could CATCH those stocks before it goreng-up ... huat-arr

Ok .. i rest my case.

It is that difficult. period.


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