Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday blah-blah : Frugal

Liverpool won ... yeah, nice to see that. Spurs won too ... but MU drew. Tonight to watch M.City vs Gunners.

Coldplay was playing in Spore ... so, I was listening to their songs this week, enjoying many of their hits.

For the weekend ... lets hear the hymn ...

This week I feel like writing about being frugal.

This is my old bata-slipper which I bought some 2 years ago ... wear-n-tear, tampal-ed recently but then still could not be used. So ... I have to let her go and to get a new slipper!! It is about RM60, bought during sales (of coz ... I always like sales!! .... so, if market is to CRASH, I m one of the happiest person to go shopping!! haha). If I could still use the slipper, I will not change with a new one ... I bought a new polo-slipper yesterday!! haha.

This is my old jogging-show ... also tampal-ed but finally agreed with wife to give it up. I know it doesnt look so good while I was jogging with her (malu with those lubang-lubang? hmm) but I do not care what others say punya-type leh ... I m building wealth, do you think I care what others saying about me being kiam-siap .... I m not stingy leh, I m FRUGAL.

It is not easy fo most of us ... but it is a necessary habit if we wish to accumulate wealth.

Basically, it is use less than you earn .... but beyond that.

If you are earning RM5k ... you should be using less than RM5k, ya. Logical? No la ... many of them using more than whatever they are earning ... buy on credits and take loans la.

If you are earning RM5k, you should be driving a car with less than RM500 monthly instalment. I drove Kancil (my 1st car) when I was i KK ... earning around RM5k. Yes, my less than 10% rule ... in purchasing a car.

As I have fully paid off my Proton's loan (RM600 per month), I m car-loan-free at the moment. So, I could save extra RM600 per month ... and of coz, hoping my Proton 1.3-basic could last me another 3-5 years!! It has been with me for 7 years now. As I was paying RM600 ... obviously, I need to earn more than RM6k, right? That was in 2010 when I first came back to KL.

Even if our income has doubled, that doesnt mean we need to double our expenses ... for example, getting myself a Honda Civic?

That is called frugal.

While spending less than what we are earning is sensible, it is more difficult to be frugal ... not increasing our expenses tho our income has increased substantially.

I shared this 'being frugal' idea in my facebook recently. This is a track-bottom (brand : Clifford) which I bought in Giant-Mall ... it was RM25 but after discount, it is only RM19 (I m wearing it NOW as I m writing this post). I m going to grab another 3 of the same trackbottom later!! Haha ...

Yeah ... I know ... I know. It is not so-called branded. I know la ... but it is comfortable. That is most important thing leh ... what we wearing, make sure it is comfortable!! Being so-called fashionable to be stupid. Yes, I dont care what others saying ... what I do know that it is comfortable and it is cheap!! Cheap is not good ... you have been blinded by the stupidity around la, perhaps you want to LIVE YOUR LIFE better?

From knowing that I m still riding my second-hand kapcai for past 7 years, one could understand that I could afford a new kap-cai (perhaps ... more?) but being a frugal person, IF I could still use my old kap-cai, can I know why I need to change it ... simply because I could afford? Silly ... kap-cai is kap-cai ... if I m changing one, it would be HD or Vulcan.

Implusive buying ... at times lead us to 'losing' money ... and we need to cut-loss!!

This is a good example ... I bought this bike (foldable but I NEVER fold it) ... konon wanted to bring family to park for cycling activities ... I bought one for my wife too and two for my kids! Now I have 4 bikes, we are ready to go. Haha ...konon la ...

I sold my wife's bike in earlier ... this one sold recently!! Phew ... and I m still waiting for buyer ... selling my son's bike for half price. Contact me if you are interested.

I bought it 3 years ago ... for around RM560. I m selling it for RM250. Cash-n-carry ... and if I still fail to con readers here or my facebook's friends to buy from me ... then, I have to post it up at and such. Still good condition as seldom see sunlight!! haha

Only my girl still riding ... and daddy gladly upgraded her bike last year!! Haha

Reminding myself ... not to buy on impulse!! Buy if needed too ... and if could buy it at cheaper price, shop around for it!

If possible ... it is FREE. haha ... everyone's want FREE TIPS in markets. Cheap-mindset ... haha. Who don't know ...

This old bad ... after 2yrs plus using her in daily basis ... this free 'ACER' bag was replaced by another free "hp" bag I m using right now. I hv another 2 of these bags ... so, they should last me for 5 yrs?!

I still have many items ... which I have been using them. And I m 'ok' with them ... no need to change for the sake of changing a new one or keeping up with the trends. Also ... no need to care about what others saying la ... we all live our lives, be happy about it and no need to compare.

Haircut ... Indian barber shop masih the best ... so, I do not go hair-saloon yang sedut blood. I donate blood to darah-bank, tu I did.

Well ... ok, now you know I m frugal (not stingy) here is a site I was reading this morning ....

Will like to write about BUDGET ... that is another TOOL to be used to accumulate wealth. I have been frugal for years ... and doing budgeting with personal financial goals to see results.

It is slow-steady way of moving forward, not those get-rich-quick mentality asking others to buy GPacket or some donkey money-game scams! I m old-school mentality ... slow and safe.

Reaching my touching line soon ... tho I m moving slow. I m going to retire ... financially free soon, goal achieved after 10 years of perseverance ... incredible amount of energy needed.

Be frugal ... learn how to budget. IGNORE the majority as majority is NOT rich.

FOCUS and stay focus in achieving our financial goal.

Yes ... I was so focus in getting out of debt (broke and in huge debt 10years ago) ... as I m out of debt, today I m focusing in financial freedom and it is getting nearer.

Charity is my next motivation ... feeding the kids/old-folks, sponsoring programmes and help NGOs.

I joined Feed the Needy group's activities twice ... they will distribute food and items to those homeless in KL city. This photo was taken by me last year near chee-cheong-kai ... and you will be surprised what you may find and change the way you see ... about those homeless. As majority not getting involve, you will never know.

I m going to sleep overnight with them end of this year ... to experience SLEEP OUTSIDE, literally speaking. Do you want to join me? Contact me if you wish to share my experiences!!

have a nice trading week ahead. It is APRIL now...


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