Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sat night blah-blah

Bought this book this week. One of the best book I have bought. And I m still reading it after a week. Wow. Must be good as I seldom read a book more than a chapter.

This week also another selling of items round. Sold off my ipad, Samsung-tab and kid. Also, I sold my extra printer and my son's bike (sold, finally!!). Bought an ipad-pro to replace them. Yeah ... time for some upgrading.

Politics : I have no longer reading any politic-news .. it is saddening and sickening.

e-meeting : I had 4 e-meeting this week ... Monday night is for members-only ... then Tue, Thu and Fri. Kinda tiring but I guess I enjoyed those cut-loss and greed topic. haha. Won't mind have more of cut-loss talk!!

House : watching Season4 - episode 16 now ... seeing to finish the Season4 by end of month.

Sydney : Possible of travelling to Auz to work for a month or two. Interesting.

Liverpool : Good to beat Everton ... but then mid-week game drew with lower team, struggled to beat Stoke tonight.

Market-talk : Had a 2-3 hours of market-talk with a group of newbies. Thanks for inviting. Anyone wish that I to give talk to a group of newbies/youngsters regarding investing/trading the uncle-way, contact me. I could be bribed with a nice lunch.

cohort-24 : planned on 23rd Apr (as 24th is off day) ... contact me to join (

Sabah trip : Will be going for 1-2 weeks in Dec ... and want to climb Mt. Kinabalu this time. Booked through Matta-fair.

Time to rest ... mind no longer working due to long-tiring but fruitful day.



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