Monday, April 03, 2017

Monday : Time to relax

Monday morning ... wet and drizzling. I do have a class 8.30am to 10am today ... and as I m more in cash (only trading T-n-G), I do not need to check much.

It is a myth that traders need to monitor closely their trades. So ... I met an investor (newbie) telling me that he prefer longer term investing (5yrs time frame) so that he does not need to monitor during day-time when he will be busy working. No la ... traders do not need to monitor much leh, only check once in a while ... and if busy, dont take any position (large one, especially).

Benalec : wanted to trade her today but shot up too fast for slow-old person like me. Nice pullback to 20MA but missed. Well ... check on other opportunities then.

The above is a good read.

10.45 am : Done with a class ... now time to do some banking and reading.


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