Sunday, April 30, 2017

Self-made Millionaire by Brian Tracy

I shared for almost 1.5 hours on the above article ... in my e-meetin last night. So, I m sharing it here again ... yes, I m very focus person ... doing things repeatedly and diligently.

#1 : They read consistently

The rich would rather be educated than entertained. As Corley writes, “Eighty-eight percent of the rich devote thirty minutes or more each day to self-education or self-improvement reading … Most did not read for entertainment … The rich read to acquire or maintain knowledge.”
Corley found that they tend to read three types of books: biographies of successful people, self-help or personal development, and history.

TEH : Yes ... I read in daily basis ... self-help books and financial-related books are my main focus. So ... I do not have time for other 'entertainment' ... and allowing myself a Liverpool's game per week or few hours of "House".
#2 : They exercise
“Seventy-six percent of the rich aerobically exercise 30 minutes or more every day,” Corley reports. Aerobic exercise includes anything cardio, such as running, jogging, walking, or biking.

“Cardio is not only good for the body, but it’s good for the brain,” he writes. “It grows the neurons (brain cells) in the brain … Exercise also increases the production of glucose. Glucose is brain fuel. The more fuel you feed your brain, the more it grows and the smarter you become.”

TEH : This is what I m lacking in ... so, I have to make some effort in these ... and signed-up for the Mt Kinabalu Dec climb. Hope that could force me to do what I needed ... to exercise!!

#3 : They hang out with other successful people

“You are only as successful as those you frequently associate with,” Corley writes. “The rich are always on the lookout for individuals who are goal-oriented, optimistic, enthusiastic, and who have an overall positive mental outlook.”

To cultivate these relationships, he writes, wealthy people do six things: wish people a happy birthday, call to say hello, call when a life event happens, network, volunteer, and participate in “formal or informal mastermind groups,” like a business group or weekly calls with people who share their same interests.

It’s equally important to avoid negative people and influences, Corley emphasizes: “Negative, destructive criticism will derail you from pursing success.”
TEH : I m definitely practising these ... some 10 years ago when I started my personal financial journey ... because I have been teaching for 20yrs and only mixing with my colleagues (lecturers) ... and moving away from them, moving away from my whole entire surrounding ... to find myself, shifted back to KL to re-start the journey ... and continue to ELIMINATE many nay-sayers, those hurt me ... and those delaying my goals (by sucking my energy, time ...). Read good books ... you will understand WHY we need to get out of the crowd ... and crowd hardly successful ... chances? 80/20 rule.

#4 : They pursue their own goals

Wealthy people are “obsessed” with pursuing goals, Corley found.
“Pursuing your own dreams and goals creates the greatest long-term happiness and results in the greatest accumulation of wealth,” he writes.
While too many people make the mistake of chasing someone else’s dream — such as their parents’ — rich people define their own goals and pursue them relentlessly and passionately.
Passion makes work fun,” writes Corley. “Passion gives you the energy, persistence, and focus needed to overcome failures, mistakes, and rejection.”

TEH : We need to be passionate about things we are doing --- day-in, day-out. So ... it is obvious that I m passionate about trading, taking extra miles in teaching some of newbies about trading. With my 'novice' level (after 5 yrs, I climbed up from newbie level) ... I could only guide newbies, I m still having my own goals in tact ... to move from novice-trader into intermediate level. Yeah ... that would be when I achieve my 1st million (soon?) and will slowly focus into my charity-goals.

#9 : They don’t follow the herd

We so desire to blend in, to acclimate to society, to be a part of the herd, that we will do almost anything to avoid standing out in a crowd,” Corley writes. Yet “failure to separate yourself from the herd is why most people never achieve success.”
Successful people create their own new herd and then pull others into it, Corley says: “You want to separate yourself from the herd, create your own herd, and then get others to join it.”

TEH : Just make sure that we are not into the HERD ... as in stock-markets, this not easy to be identify and we might be into the normal-crowd ... and yes, trapped inside.
ok ... time to rest ... to read.
Have a nice week ahead.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

e-meeting : Habits of self-made millionaire

Habits of self-made millionaires Sat, Apr 29, 2017 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM 

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  For those YOUNG ones who inspire to be a 'millionaire' , it is definitely possible with few good habits of those successful ones.

Wanting to share few of those habits which I learnt and acquire since some 10years ago, when I decided to change my whole financial-mindset ... and yup, I did it. I have not reach a 'million' dollar in assets ... but I do know I m heading that direction, a matter of time.

As I m not speaking about stock-trading, here ... I share the link.

All links to my e-meeting will be sent to  

Ok ... needing to rest and waiting for 10.30pm.


Friday, April 28, 2017

Haha ... for weekends

You need to know the original songs and check the DETAILS they placed ... to laugh. haha.

hahaaha ...

ok ok .. in case you missed the older-ones ... as good. haha....

You can't laugh if u don't know those songs ... or you do not understand B.Malay ... haha ... or you just too old-serious with no humour inside you. Get a life la. haha

Ok ... have a nice weekend.... haha


Long weekend ...

Learning Corner : Stochastic Crossover

KLCI is showing bearish crossover today ... was trying to teach my group this morning while showing them 'live'...

What is more important is ... ok, we know it is bearish-crossover? SO WHAT?

Actions is for category level 3 personalities ... while many in level-1 ... DONT KNOW act know .. some at level 2 ... know but no action. Come to level 3 ...

e-meeting : tmr night 10.30pm ... talk about Habits of self-made millionaires. All welcome but the link is no longer here in i3 (if you are reading from there) ... you have to click on MY BLOG

what I can do is send the link on the side of my blog!!

Ok ... have a long weekend. Night.


Bearish Harami

morning ... spending my days .. over-hang. haha.

Learning Corner : Bearish Harami

Bearish Harami : I was trying to share with my group this combo-of candlesticks where they called 'harami'.

I took a picture of Bearish-Harami formed in FKLI to show them ... and then, it is at resistance after 4 strong day of gap-up. You could see 3-white-soldiers formed la.

Then ... you may search further from internet ... what do we mean by 'bearish harami'?

This is from free ... // ... ok ok ... you got to know these candles called bearish-harami??


Today is last day of April ... moving to MAY for my FKLI now.

Ok ... I shall leave that for all to interpret. Got to get busy again .... read the below :

1. They read consistently.

2. They exercise.

3. They hang out with other successful people.
4. They pursue their own goals

5. They get up early

7. They find and check in with mentors
8. They’re positive

9. They don’t follow the herd

10. They have good etiquette

11. They help others succeed

12. They dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a day to just thinking
13. They seek feedback
If you are not so successful ... in anything you are doing (including being a good husband or father), try to read the above to REFLECT.
Have a nice weekend ... wheeee

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trading is very difficult

Bursa : The tai-kor going higher ... hitting RM10 now.

Tech-rally continues today with MPI breaking RM12, the beloved Dnex breakout of 50cents (at 54.5 cents now) and Myeg hitting RM2.16. So ... tech-rally should continue?

Many in my group still holding VS-wa, some holding to Inari-wb ... and those tech-tech ... I started to move to tech in Jan (moved out from last year construction : ChinHin, OKA, Econbhd, Gadang, Gamuda, GKent and such). The trend is tech-tech ... so, will be trading tec for 2017.

Well ... the get-rich-quick Seacera-wa down 30plus % ... another get-rich-quick Anzo in play ... I didnt realise Anzo was the ex-Harvest .... I laughed when I got to know. haha ... those in 2011 would know Harvest's stories where many harvesting her till RM2 plus.

Last night ... I managed to capture this ... 222.22 ... nice or not?

2 = yi = easy

So ... get-rich-quick?

JJ poor-to-rich ... what a name?!!

No way ... we could not alert those involved. Can you teach others not to be GREEDY and be logical? It is MONEY leh ... how do you explain many sucked inside? Sad to know, actually .... but move-on, learn the lesson... move on. Use brain, next time.

FCPO : Gapped down 40points in opening ... minus 55 now, great.

SOY : Profited USD100 last night ... (half-drunk) and went to sleep. haha

Cohort-24 : Glad that I had a trading workshop with few of them (one repeater ... allowed to repeat for free, ya ... if you are still in the trading group) ... so, my next cohort-25? I don't know ... perhaps in Nov ...

I have taught all ... the fact. Trading is very difficult. Don't try to trade AFTER retired (start trading after that ... crazy ... go for investing la ... buy during crash, cannot ar?)

Those get-rich-quick trading system, I do wonder why are they selling to public since they could get-rich from trading so quick (come to FCPO or SOY, ya).

So .. aftr believing in hard-work in learning ... doing, experiencing ... and failed ... wake up ... re-define and move on ... that is difficult part as it needs 10, 000 hours of deliberate practice.

One may attend those preview of trading-courses or softwares, we could hear those promoters trying hard to convince some greedy-ignorant about how we could CATCH those stocks before it goreng-up ... huat-arr

Ok .. i rest my case.

It is that difficult. period.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Stock Pick : Uchitec

Uchitec is always in my list as it is a good dividend stock ... and the trend is obviously UPTRENDING.

Complying to the fundamental-analysis (my FA mentor said it is one of the investing-quality stock t hold) ... I am learning to analyse Uchitec in details.

From the technical chart (weekly)

Trade at your own risk.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Bye-bye Perwaja

Thanks for being around ... to help many punters and gamblers into their excitement and .. lose all their money.

Nah ... they will NOT learn.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

e-meeting : a day of uncle-trader

tonight 10pm to 11pm : Will share my Monday to Wednesday

The link is given here :

Time to rest.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

e-meeting : A day of a trader

Morning ...

tonight I will like to share "My Typical Monday" ... a day of a trader. I shared these 'live' with my trading group yesterday ... and I found it 'interesting'.

Added 50 new members in the group, total 1909 members now in my 'free' closed-group ... yes, I will send the e-meeting links there. As I m kinda free today, I will like to delete some 'dormant' and 'unreal' members later. You know ... free group means you will be attracting those 'promoters'. hmmm ....

DOW up 183 points ... bull bull bull ... and SOY shot up (I longed FCPO overnight).

ok ... today is relax day with wife, go jalan-jalan while having a class later in evening.

Have a nice day


Monday, April 17, 2017

Stock Watch : Penta

Monday morning ... been relaxing for 1-2 weeks as students having their break/holiday.

Today is back to classes ... kinda full-swing by next week as exams drawing near ...

Penta : Sold 2.60 done as I caught the hammer closing at 2.52 last Friday. Oh yes, I took the picture of my trades and posted to my closed group. Then, they could see I m queue-ing to buy CBIP this morning too ... wonder why should I lie? hmm ...

so ... let me share with you the article I read when I woke up this morning ... read.

2. Perfection is pure fiction.

I am grateful for all of my mistakes because they were real blessings in disguise that made me wiser. As John C. Maxwell says, “Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. We never lose.” I stopped stressing myself out while trying to be perfect and I am always aiming for good enough.

4. Worrying about what others think is a waste of time.

I cannot please everyone, no matter how much I try. Whatever people think about me is their opinion, filtered through their lenses; it’s all about them and it has zero to do with me. I stopped trying to please others in the hopes that they would like me. I like myself as I am and I don’t need or expect other people to make me happy. My happiness is my responsibility and everything else is a bonus.

6. Life doesn’t have to be a fight or an exhausting competition.

I stopped competing and comparing myself to others. Instead, I mind my own journey and I am happy for other people’s achievements. I choose to live in a state of love instead of fear and I believe in abundance. We live in a supportive universe, where there is enough of everything and for everyone.

So ... real successful persons live their lives ...enjoying and embracing every moment. They do not fight or worry about what others think. They know they are not perfect and practising on what they are focusing. They are well balanced in their lives.

In case you are still living in other's container ... get a life.

Have a nice day ahead. I will be having an e-meeting tonight for members only. If anyone out there wish to join me(for trial), e-mail or message me in FB.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday blah-blah : Herd Mentality

KLCI overbought ... bad candles, retraced and broken 20MA. Now, we shall watch if KLCI would break 1727 level (hopefully it will ... sales coming?)

Visit me directly :

I attended a Value-Investing workshop yesterday ... great learning from ex-equity-tracker trainer (FA sifu). I like these real human ... humble and sincere in teaching. And it is worth every hour and ringgit of mine. Well ... I do know many few thousands $$ of workshops that many attending ...,but this 'sifu' said it rightly ... cheap is not good? The mentality of the mojority ... misplaced common-sense as they are bombarded by advertisements etc.

Anyway, still very glad I attended the workshop, in which I learned many good stuff yesterday. I m ever ready to learn ... and I do know I m a novice level in stock-markets.

Going to start a RM100k new portfolio (17th Apr) and post the results in 2-3 months time. Great ... win/lose .. at the end of the year, we shall calculate that. I m showing all my trades to members, they knew I m 90% in cash .. recently take-profits in some trades and cut-loss some trades too.

Those in my futures-trading group would see my profitting trades for past few months(I got burnt previously when I was learning ... not once, buy 3 times!!) .... today, futures-trading is very managed by me as I learnt finer pointers of trading ... and attended a futures-workshop trading by RHB.

Oh yes ... many requested to join my 'free' closed My Trading Adventure ...

.. I have approved most of them. As I m having 1886 members inside, I will be doing some cleaning soon. This page is for my readers (of my blog) and to share my e-meetin link (as I wont be sending it here now ...till my blog is NOT linked to i3-platform or tradesignum-platform) ... was thinking of a NEW blogspot ... but I treasure this blog VERY much (and abandoned for the reason ... of comfortable with this blog ... money can't buy kinda emotion).

As I still have a closed facebook-group (for members only) to handle, my main focus will be sharing and teachin there. I will start to activate the My Trading Adventure page ... once I m taken out from i3/tradesignum.

Visit me directly at : ... yes, this is my blogspot address now (used to be

From wiki : Herd mentality, or mob mentality, describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. Examples of the herd mentality include stock market trends, superstition and home d├ęcor.

Moving away from crowds is one of the best decision I have made since 2005 ... when I got married. It was difficult as I have to leave my bowling kaki ... to focus in my financial-journey. They have been close to me, playing bowling every week (2-3 times a week) and borak-borak at CPS.

My bowling kaki was my first group I left ... said bye-bye and saying I m stopping bowling after 20yrs? WOW ... I made that decision in ONE WEEK ... and just walked away. I was newly wed ...I have responsibilities towards my wife and young baby boy.

I do still love bowling ... yeah ... my knee injured now and I could not play in competitions anymore ... but for leisure bowling, would you join me coming FRIDAY for a game or two?

Bowling invitation : Friday night (21st Apr) 9pm at Pyramid. contact me if you are interested to join in the fun (not a competition la).

I missed my bowling kaki ... once in a while, saw their posts in facebook and keeping in touch with them (many are Malays and Kadazans). I do visit CPS Bowling center each time I m back to KK.

I still keep my coaching manual. Oh yes, I m a certified level-3 (bronze) coach ... passed the MTBC (under MSN) coaching-training level. Haha ... talking about passion and teaching ... because I like bowling but could not afford to play anymore in 2005, I went for th coaching programme, instead. The idea was still ... in touch with bowling while coaching/teaching the new young bowlers. Unfortunately, the 'pay' is toooo low for me to take up the job and I went into 'greng keropok' instead. Year was 2005 ....

I like Maths ... passion. So, I teach Math (till now).

I like Bowling ... passion. So, I teach Bowling (just a while)

I like trading ... passion. So, I m teaching trading (since 2011 and retiring after crash).

cohort-24 : Next Sunday (as Monday is off), I will have a trading workshop for basic charting for newbies. No need to pay thousands to those so-called "professional" coat-wearing young trainers. e-mail me at

The next group that I left was my lecturer-colleagues ... I started to 'isolate' myself from them ... as they will not be talk about financial (they were busy playing Facebook game in 2007-2008 : Farmville) ... so, leaving my whole group of friends and NOT joining the crowd (not joining for lunch together, not joining for dinner functions etc etc) ... I slowly focus my mind into FINANCIAL. I m one of those few very discipline human, I guess ... as I could just say ... bye-bye friends, I m only interested with FINANCIAL. If you wish to talk about Inflation or Interest-rates, let's have lunch together ... not your farmville's terung or betik that you VIRTUALLY planted? Oh boy ... many un-friended me.

But it was my BEST decision ... to move away from crowds. Majority of 80% of lecturers are academically inclined and not financially aware. I was one of them ... hoping for salary increments, hoping to get bonus ... and trying to fit-in the systems which I dislike ... except of CLASSROOM teaching, I do not enjoy paperworks, meetings, etc.

Just changed my facebook cover-photo. There ... to remind me to continue to MOVE AWAY from crowds if I want to see success in anything I m doing. You can't be great dad if you are copying what other dads doing ... or if I copy my own father (who abandoned his kids ... given us away to his sisters, our aunts) ... habis la my kids.

My dad likes to gamble ... from pin-ball ... snooker .. football games, mahjong ... he will gamble and BELIEVE he will come out winner, one day. But after 30yrs or more, he failed badly and have to leave. I have forgiven my dad and never blame him for being an irresponsible dad, for given us away ... as in fact, my aunts brought us up so well (tho we were poor) and we all bro/sis doing very well now. God always has his way ... of teaching us.

See ... I just need to do the opposite of what my dad done to his kids ... and then, I observed how other dads treating their kids (example : busy working till 9pm and entertain friends more than their own family ... so, i do the OPPOSITE. haha) ... I stopped my full-time job so that I could wake up early every morning to fetch my kids to school. I will tuck them to bed every night since they were babies ... and whisper in their ear "daddy loves you". In other words, just tell me what 80% of daddy wont do or what 80% of daddy will do, I will try to do the opposite , for the well-being of my kids, of coz.

Moving away ... is certainly not easy. It is against the crowd .,... you will be judged, syncronised and criticism thrown towards us ... what we need is to move away quietly till they didnt have a chance to remember us? Dont worry, our critics will find new preys to bully. haha.

In the world where even beauth is being judged by our looks, our height, our clothing ... our inner behaviours and valued being shadowed. Many told me that they envied me as I have a 'pretty' faced wife ... beauty is in the eyes of beholders. I don't know how to explain ... but I won't explain.

If we are to answer to everyone ... don't you think so I will be using our time and energy in wrong angles? Channeling my energy to where matter most ... that is how I have lived my life for past 11 years ... from the struggling crazy years ... to current comfortable living, it is seeking for qualities in every human and things we are doing that matters to me ...

The 3rd batch/groups of people I m avoiding ... are those crowds in trading/investing. It is simple common-sense to me ... to be successful in markets, we just need to do what others NOT doing and try to avoid/filter what others doing. Afterall, stats showing 80% ae losing money out there. It is ridiculous for me to argue with crowds ... or even to teach crowds, right? It wont work ... of coz I knew that ...just hoping to reach out for minority newbies out there.

If I want to teach Math well ... I will have to check on how other Maths teachers teaching... and adopt the good pointers ... and teach it my way!!

Same as trading ... take good pointers, THINK THINK ... and do what work for us.

Just remember ... herd mentality is basically stating that as human (mammals) , we will tend to follow the majority ... but as I m a contrarian (forcing myself to be one), I always remind myself to move the opposite of the crowd. I only get excited when stocks diving, crashing lower ...

Here a clip for all to enjoy ....

Happy Easter Day.


Friday, April 14, 2017

e-meeting : Analysis on 2008 crash

This is a clip I have just listened. So ... I dont mind sharing my readers ... as everyone THOUGHT they could be rich ... but not matter bothers to drill and learn.

#1 : Self-concept

#2 : listen it yourself ...

I m going to have an e-meeting 10.30pm tonight but I will not be sending the link here anymore .... if you really wish to join, you could go to ... search for facebook My Trading Adventure group ... and I will approve. BUT ... I will start to learn to DELETE rubbish from my homes.

I deleted a person during my e-meeting recently, my first time. Making me sad ... that there are such human ... coming to others home and throw rubbish ... sigh.

I have sent my request to i3-admin (again) to take my blog off from i3 as I no longer there for years. I do not replay any comment there as I do not even read ... but I do still go to i3-platform to check on news, dividends, annoucements ... and at times, I saw my name being BADLY mentioned there by many noisy-regular humans there. I have moved away, in case you didnt realise ... my blog is LINKED to i3 and I was one of the first blogger there (together with Alex Lu's blog and few old bloggers). i3 was peace as not many there ... as it grows larger ... the noises is deafening and I moved away ... some 3/4 years ago.

There are many good articles and genuine experts there ... perhaps, KYY has my highest regards. KC Chong is one respected person ihis FA analysis ... and recently, I read KYY's post about a person called 'stockmanmy' ... I search his posts ... wow, he is great and very good in his analysis. Very experienced man, indeed.

If I m to learn ... and read forums I will ONLY read few of these respected ones. Others, I do not have time ... not that I dont wish but limited resource (TIME). I knew nicks such as Icon or Duit(he came to my e-meeting twice, i think) ... are few sifus there. I m not aware who else ... as I do not even read telegrams/watsapp posts.

Uncle Ben is one of the one I always follow ... since 2009. He is the best experienced blogger that we should be listening too. Besides Dali .. but I think he is no longer blogging?

I will not celebrate if I really capitalise from the crash. Listen to the above ... someone (80%) would be losing hugely ... so, I never celebrate my winning or victories. The only way to make me feel better is to donate some of my profits away ... giving to commmunities. I have just adopted an orang-asli education-fund ... to fund the education of the 'orang asli'. check them out ... if u hv knowledge, teach. If you have money ... donate. If u have time, volunteer.

Yes ... I will move back to and adopt many kids. That is what money could bring BUY happiness.

Time for e-meeting and also rest to attend Value Investin course.



No fear yet ... wait and relax.

MMSV : 20MA support ... currently. I have asked to SELL when it was at RM1 level ... broken RM1 and ... now, i shall watch 91cents support.

CPFR : 762 vs 68 .. now 10.25am. Good ratio of fear, right? Still not buy yet as retailers STILL holding la.

Penta : I have alerted here ... when it broken the neckline, yesterday it broken the 20MA.

There ... after yesterday's black candle. Th uptrend violated ... let it go ... let it go ...

Here ... relax ... share with you my girl's once fav song ...

Time to read books ...


New ratio : CPF ratio

It has been years I m teaching FEAR ... and came out with uncle's way of sensing fear.

One of the fear-ratio I m using is number of losers over number of winners.

I m going to name it CPF ratio ... it is few of the ratios I 'created' it myself after years in market.

CPF = CP's FEAR ... ratio. Haha ... told u i m creative and I hv done many 'new things' but being quoted by few or mis-quote by many!!

So ... today CPF ratio (CPFR) showing more than 8%. That is my first criteria to see fear.

I did not say CPFR > 8 is a buy, ya. I need the stocks to be down by 8% or more too.

So ... here you are : learn the CPFR ... and buy during fear?

Note : I m still 90% in cash .. so, I m outside ... relaxing while reading 'value investing' book as I m attending a course tmr. Preparation for the lecture ... to be able to ask my 'sifu' some good questions tmr.

Short FKLI?


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Relax time

Draw life and get the picture ... relaxing alone here at cafe and reading this good book.

This week Sunday, I will have an activity with wife (plus kids) ... suggested by the book. Grab a big piece of paper, few coloured pens ... draw about our ONE YEAR (last year) in pictures!!

Laugh over it ... then we will try to DRAW our next year! haha.

Interesting book, indeed.

I hav talked about TWO most important points about 'crash' ... first is CUT-LOSS so that we do not get stuck and suck in ... and last night is my first e-meeting for BUY during the crazy crashing time. Indeed, it is VERY extremely difficult to execute ... CUT-LOSS and BUY-in-FEAR.

Oh yes, I think someone 'popular' from i3-forum attended my talks (twice?) ... and e-mailed me too. He is 'duit' ... nice person, so ... I welcome these good human to share opinions. Thanks for coming. Do meet up ... coffee on me, sir.

Time to relax ... no e-meeting tonight as i want to maintain my whole day lazy no-working mood. Haha.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Buy during crash

BUY during CRASH

Wed, Apr 12, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM MYT

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Sharing some of advices I have collected ... about BUY during CRASH. Will share 1 or 2 tonight.



Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

Will get this good book by my guru.


Feel Good

Morning ... need to pump petrol malam ni. Harga minyak di-pasaran dunia naik ... so, Malaysia sure kasi naik again.

Annjoo : Short another at RM2.70 done. Next lvel to short is RM3.

Cohort-24 : I have received few e-mails regarding my trading workshop (23rd April(Sunday ... and 24th is off day) .. my 1st for 2017) ... but have not got a reply. Here is my e-mail again for those wish to attend my coming workshop.

With many things to be done ... here, I m feeling good about it.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Stock Alert : Penta

Penta at 2.57 at the moment. See if I could catch her ... huge at bottom. 10MA broken, check 20MA now.


Sunday, April 09, 2017

Wanna meet to talk about REITs?

Good Sunday morning ... checking on KLCI and DOW showing both below 20MA.

Today , I would like to make an appointment with whoever interested to DISCUSS (not a one way market talk) about REITs.

Topic : Are REITs worth investing in 2017?

Venue : USJ 1 Kapitan  (it is here : )

Time : 4.30pm to 6.30pm

As I do not have the answer (only my personal opinions), I would like to hear from others. Let's meet and talk over a teh-tarik.

SunReit : I have sold her off. Bought during breakout. Adjusted dividends. Well, I still like to lepak at Sunway Pyramid ...

check them out here : ... to understand what under Sunreit.

PER : 15 - 16 level

DY : around 5-6% ... around 9-10cents. Better than FD rate.

Revenue : consistent for past few recent quarters ... increased from 2013, some 20-30%.

Trend : uptrend, consolidation.

Today ... we shall discuss about it ... (Aug2014)


Sat night blah-blah

Bought this book this week. One of the best book I have bought. And I m still reading it after a week. Wow. Must be good as I seldom read a book more than a chapter.

This week also another selling of items round. Sold off my ipad, Samsung-tab and kid. Also, I sold my extra printer and my son's bike (sold, finally!!). Bought an ipad-pro to replace them. Yeah ... time for some upgrading.

Politics : I have no longer reading any politic-news .. it is saddening and sickening.

e-meeting : I had 4 e-meeting this week ... Monday night is for members-only ... then Tue, Thu and Fri. Kinda tiring but I guess I enjoyed those cut-loss and greed topic. haha. Won't mind have more of cut-loss talk!!

House : watching Season4 - episode 16 now ... seeing to finish the Season4 by end of month.

Sydney : Possible of travelling to Auz to work for a month or two. Interesting.

Liverpool : Good to beat Everton ... but then mid-week game drew with lower team, struggled to beat Stoke tonight.

Market-talk : Had a 2-3 hours of market-talk with a group of newbies. Thanks for inviting. Anyone wish that I to give talk to a group of newbies/youngsters regarding investing/trading the uncle-way, contact me. I could be bribed with a nice lunch.

cohort-24 : planned on 23rd Apr (as 24th is off day) ... contact me to join (

Sabah trip : Will be going for 1-2 weeks in Dec ... and want to climb Mt. Kinabalu this time. Booked through Matta-fair.

Time to rest ... mind no longer working due to long-tiring but fruitful day.



Friday, April 07, 2017

e-meeting : Feeling the heat

Why even 'veterans' do get burnt in markets? 
                        Fri, Apr 7, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM SGT                                         

I want to talk about WHY many retailers ... been in markets for YEARS and YEARS, yet still get burnt badly in markets??

If you are feeling the heat and STILL STUCK in some donkey-stocks or chasing high many stocks now, then you are welcome to join.


Ringgit Malaysia

1USD = MYR 4.439

1SGD = MYR 3.164

I will check once 4.50 breakout. Then, we shall reduce our exposure in equities (further).


Thursday, April 06, 2017

e-meeting : cut-loss

cut-loss : Preparation for market crash
                        Thu, Apr 6, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM SGT

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 


Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Stock Watch : EcoW and EWI

Ecoworld : Nearing to resistance ... it is NOT a buy at curremt level. Wait for breakout. EWI listed ... check her if she goes below IPO level to consider. We do not need to chase ... let it comes to us.

This is for someone just asked me (nicely).


People are like garbage trucks

People are like garbage trucks is a short film about the positive and healthy way to react when negativity come our way. Don't allow a negative experience effect your day for the worse. We may not have the power to control everything that happens to us, but we DO have a choice on how we react to it. We can take control and not allow negativity to creep in and ruin our positve outlook and way of life. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the ones who don't. Wishing you a garbage free day!

TEH : I will never want to go low ... to allow those garbage trucks to throw their garbage on me. haaha.



Tuesday, April 04, 2017

e-meeting : Are you sure you want to be a trader?

Are you sure you want to be a trader? 

Tue, Apr 4, 2017 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM 
  Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll-free) +1 (224) 501-3412
Access Code: 263-076-525

More phone numbers  

I have been asked many of times ... what it takes to be a trader. Let me share few pointers tonight in my e-meeting , by using THREE of my trades (recent) as examples.

I shared and discussed about PoHuat-wb trade with my group today ... seeing few of them interested to learn (further ... as many came for my workshop but still struggling to understand RULES of TRADERS).

So ... are you sure you want to be a trader?

Sharing episode 1 tonight (haha).

e-meeting : on Thu night ... planning a talk about the importance of CUT LOSS. Haha.


Short : 3A

Apple : Shorted USD144 done. Take profit around USD130.

AirAsia : Shorted RM3 done and next level to short is RM3.30. Take profit RM2.60

AnnJoo : Shorted RM2 done and RM2.30 done and RM2.60 done too. Take profit for RM2.60 short at RM2, and the other two shorts, HOLD till RM2 broken.

This is what trading should be .... we could SELL first, BUY back lower ... not as KLSE's stocks where we could only buy low, sell higher.

1.30 am now ... done with HOUSE.

Time to sleep.


Monday, April 03, 2017

Steel rally is over?

AnnJoo (weekly) : At 20MA support now. Will you buy or add?

CSCStel (weekly) : Broken 20MA and now 50MA is the support ... will you buy more if you are stuck up there? Will you sell if it is at your cost-price ... or will you cut-loss/take profit on her?

I dont know ... dont ask me. I see the chart, it says ... AVOID.


Monday : Time to relax

Monday morning ... wet and drizzling. I do have a class 8.30am to 10am today ... and as I m more in cash (only trading T-n-G), I do not need to check much.

It is a myth that traders need to monitor closely their trades. So ... I met an investor (newbie) telling me that he prefer longer term investing (5yrs time frame) so that he does not need to monitor during day-time when he will be busy working. No la ... traders do not need to monitor much leh, only check once in a while ... and if busy, dont take any position (large one, especially).

Benalec : wanted to trade her today but shot up too fast for slow-old person like me. Nice pullback to 20MA but missed. Well ... check on other opportunities then.

The above is a good read.

10.45 am : Done with a class ... now time to do some banking and reading.


Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday blah-blah : Frugal

Liverpool won ... yeah, nice to see that. Spurs won too ... but MU drew. Tonight to watch M.City vs Gunners.

Coldplay was playing in Spore ... so, I was listening to their songs this week, enjoying many of their hits.

For the weekend ... lets hear the hymn ...

This week I feel like writing about being frugal.

This is my old bata-slipper which I bought some 2 years ago ... wear-n-tear, tampal-ed recently but then still could not be used. So ... I have to let her go and to get a new slipper!! It is about RM60, bought during sales (of coz ... I always like sales!! .... so, if market is to CRASH, I m one of the happiest person to go shopping!! haha). If I could still use the slipper, I will not change with a new one ... I bought a new polo-slipper yesterday!! haha.

This is my old jogging-show ... also tampal-ed but finally agreed with wife to give it up. I know it doesnt look so good while I was jogging with her (malu with those lubang-lubang? hmm) but I do not care what others say punya-type leh ... I m building wealth, do you think I care what others saying about me being kiam-siap .... I m not stingy leh, I m FRUGAL.

It is not easy fo most of us ... but it is a necessary habit if we wish to accumulate wealth.

Basically, it is use less than you earn .... but beyond that.

If you are earning RM5k ... you should be using less than RM5k, ya. Logical? No la ... many of them using more than whatever they are earning ... buy on credits and take loans la.

If you are earning RM5k, you should be driving a car with less than RM500 monthly instalment. I drove Kancil (my 1st car) when I was i KK ... earning around RM5k. Yes, my less than 10% rule ... in purchasing a car.

As I have fully paid off my Proton's loan (RM600 per month), I m car-loan-free at the moment. So, I could save extra RM600 per month ... and of coz, hoping my Proton 1.3-basic could last me another 3-5 years!! It has been with me for 7 years now. As I was paying RM600 ... obviously, I need to earn more than RM6k, right? That was in 2010 when I first came back to KL.

Even if our income has doubled, that doesnt mean we need to double our expenses ... for example, getting myself a Honda Civic?

That is called frugal.

While spending less than what we are earning is sensible, it is more difficult to be frugal ... not increasing our expenses tho our income has increased substantially.

I shared this 'being frugal' idea in my facebook recently. This is a track-bottom (brand : Clifford) which I bought in Giant-Mall ... it was RM25 but after discount, it is only RM19 (I m wearing it NOW as I m writing this post). I m going to grab another 3 of the same trackbottom later!! Haha ...

Yeah ... I know ... I know. It is not so-called branded. I know la ... but it is comfortable. That is most important thing leh ... what we wearing, make sure it is comfortable!! Being so-called fashionable to be stupid. Yes, I dont care what others saying ... what I do know that it is comfortable and it is cheap!! Cheap is not good ... you have been blinded by the stupidity around la, perhaps you want to LIVE YOUR LIFE better?

From knowing that I m still riding my second-hand kapcai for past 7 years, one could understand that I could afford a new kap-cai (perhaps ... more?) but being a frugal person, IF I could still use my old kap-cai, can I know why I need to change it ... simply because I could afford? Silly ... kap-cai is kap-cai ... if I m changing one, it would be HD or Vulcan.

Implusive buying ... at times lead us to 'losing' money ... and we need to cut-loss!!

This is a good example ... I bought this bike (foldable but I NEVER fold it) ... konon wanted to bring family to park for cycling activities ... I bought one for my wife too and two for my kids! Now I have 4 bikes, we are ready to go. Haha ...konon la ...

I sold my wife's bike in earlier ... this one sold recently!! Phew ... and I m still waiting for buyer ... selling my son's bike for half price. Contact me if you are interested.

I bought it 3 years ago ... for around RM560. I m selling it for RM250. Cash-n-carry ... and if I still fail to con readers here or my facebook's friends to buy from me ... then, I have to post it up at and such. Still good condition as seldom see sunlight!! haha

Only my girl still riding ... and daddy gladly upgraded her bike last year!! Haha

Reminding myself ... not to buy on impulse!! Buy if needed too ... and if could buy it at cheaper price, shop around for it!

If possible ... it is FREE. haha ... everyone's want FREE TIPS in markets. Cheap-mindset ... haha. Who don't know ...

This old bad ... after 2yrs plus using her in daily basis ... this free 'ACER' bag was replaced by another free "hp" bag I m using right now. I hv another 2 of these bags ... so, they should last me for 5 yrs?!

I still have many items ... which I have been using them. And I m 'ok' with them ... no need to change for the sake of changing a new one or keeping up with the trends. Also ... no need to care about what others saying la ... we all live our lives, be happy about it and no need to compare.

Haircut ... Indian barber shop masih the best ... so, I do not go hair-saloon yang sedut blood. I donate blood to darah-bank, tu I did.

Well ... ok, now you know I m frugal (not stingy) here is a site I was reading this morning ....

Will like to write about BUDGET ... that is another TOOL to be used to accumulate wealth. I have been frugal for years ... and doing budgeting with personal financial goals to see results.

It is slow-steady way of moving forward, not those get-rich-quick mentality asking others to buy GPacket or some donkey money-game scams! I m old-school mentality ... slow and safe.

Reaching my touching line soon ... tho I m moving slow. I m going to retire ... financially free soon, goal achieved after 10 years of perseverance ... incredible amount of energy needed.

Be frugal ... learn how to budget. IGNORE the majority as majority is NOT rich.

FOCUS and stay focus in achieving our financial goal.

Yes ... I was so focus in getting out of debt (broke and in huge debt 10years ago) ... as I m out of debt, today I m focusing in financial freedom and it is getting nearer.

Charity is my next motivation ... feeding the kids/old-folks, sponsoring programmes and help NGOs.

I joined Feed the Needy group's activities twice ... they will distribute food and items to those homeless in KL city. This photo was taken by me last year near chee-cheong-kai ... and you will be surprised what you may find and change the way you see ... about those homeless. As majority not getting involve, you will never know.

I m going to sleep overnight with them end of this year ... to experience SLEEP OUTSIDE, literally speaking. Do you want to join me? Contact me if you wish to share my experiences!!

have a nice trading week ahead. It is APRIL now...


Stock Watch : 3A

Liverpool won against Everton ... great.

The busy Mac is over...  at least April would be 'slowing' down month ...

3A : Breakout ... time to BUY (and HOLD) ...

check them out :

Time to have nice sleep ...