Monday, March 13, 2017

Time to slow down

Morning ... it is Monday. LCW won ... but the XD lost (good game). Then, Liverpool narrowly won. Phew! Playing against bottom team, they are vunerable to lose ... even at home?!

KESM : Shot up higher with huge volume breakout ... BUY-HOLD. Going into tech-related stock should do us well as that is the trend now.

Looking at the trend, we could see more upside ahead. Move in there.

TM : Time to take profit ... after ex-div 12cents ... we collected around RM6, now is RM6.30 + 0.12 = RM6.42 ... I have sold off all my TM (was heavy inside, collecting all the way to RM5.90) and want to rest.

Ok ... want to rest today (still got 5 hours of classes and e-meetin tonight) as a fruitful hectic weekend.

Have a nice trading week ahead ... and I will slow it down.

Note : Day-trade Ekovest, Benalec and gang would be good too ... touch-n-go.


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