Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Charity Support : SUKA

Sun, Mar 26, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM  
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Morning ... it is Sunday. Good ... as I could rest for a while after a long hectic week. Liverpool's old-boys beaten Real's old-boys 4-3 ... good to see Gerrard is still playing well and fit!!

I started Monday this week ... being up in Cameron( my MIL is here and kids having holiday). Haha ... and bought my wife a bouquet of roses (beautiful) at a fraction of prices MAJORITY (read : herd mentality) paid for during Valentine-Day a hype up day ... to SHOW you love our loved ones with over-priced flowers .... you know, like buying into those hype-up tech stocks now as it is THAT season again!! haha).

Talk of the week in HKSE is the milk basi-ing. Dived 80% plus in a day, ya.

Then, talk of the week in KLSE is Jack Ma's in town, bringing many tech counters into pump-dump mode ... operators in work can be seen. Be aware. Good luck.

Scomnet with code 0001 (nice, right?) jumped in volume on Thu and hit resistance (whoever bought at 17cents .... i wonder why?). This stock als mentioned in my chatbox where someone's friend STUCK for 3 yrs up there!! What a crazy way of trading?! Haha... so, i will advise his friend to QUIT market ... why so egoistic and not learning the lesson? QUIT is the best for ignorants and gamblers alike.

Perhaps it is your first-time seeing such craziness in markets? First time? I dedicate this song to you then ... welcome to KLSE.

I had a lunch-date this week with a EPF-to-UT agent and he is doing very well, treated me lunch (he came for my trading workshop some 2-3 yrs ago!!) to thank me for helping him to understand 'trading' when he was totally new in markets!! His dad, on the other hand ... unfortunately lost so much in markets since 1997crash ... and at the moment, still STUCK inside some O&G counters!! I have NO ADVICE for old-men as they are in markets longer than I do ... and they will continue to LOSE ... market not crashing yet, ya.

Perhaps ... in 3 years time, do come back again to KLSE. Let it be ... cut-loss everything (including Scomnet) and let it go ... yes, I dedicate another song to NEWBIES ... learn the current up-downs, OR COME BACK in 3 years time.

This is our date ... 3 years time, look for me, ya. So that I could help you to earn back those cut-loss ... now, cannot help much.

Well .. depending on our experiences in touch-n-go ... one-night-stand and also punting-skills, most newbies will not be able to survive these pump-dump stories ...

If one caught Efficen (0064) at peak/high ... you could be in 20% paperloss after ONE DAY. Of coz, someone will come up to say he profitted 50% (haha) .... wonder about his position size? RM1mil in ... earn 50% in a day which translated to RM500k? Great get-rick-quick story, indeed.

SC came up with stories ... to spoil the party!! Read that? While we at high and fairy-tale land ... they are such a spoiler!! haha ... here is another song for you by Guang Liang (in case you didnt know chinese, the songs are translated with English subtitle for bananas-alike to enjoy)

So ... this fairy-tales will end ... whether a happy-ending or not, I m not sure.

Oh yes, I got to know one of my ex-tratles ... learnt trading from me and teaching trading now!! Wow ... good for him but if trainers are not traders themselves, they will be teaching theories!! Yeah ... we all need to know theories to start with ... but trading is definitely more than those words, ya. I disagree to many things ... such as ATTRACTING newbies to buy into pump-dump stocks ... or teaching too much of indicators to CONFUSE newbies further . Trading is beyod that ... to survive and sustain.

Living in fairy-tale is kinda risky too as we might be shaken to our core ... waking up one day to realise how stupid we were to follow herd-mentality.

Let us be kind ... to those needies. Forget about those greedy-ones ... we do what close to our heart.

Charity Support : SUKA

Sun, Mar 26, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM 
  Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
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Access Code: 667-783-725

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I m donating (monthly basis) to this "new" society as I saw them last night at Summit (small booth).

Let's talk about SUKA society ...

Click on their website or facebook's page.


JUSTICE : We want to ensure that children in crisis situations, such as a trafficked child and a child in detention, receive fair and just treatment. We believe that it is for the best interest of a child that they are protected and have access to appropriate care.

EMPOWERMENT : We also firmly believe that all children, especially those who are marginalised, are empowered to grow and develop into their best potential. As such, we are constantly looking for mechanisms to create opportunities to improve on a marginalised child’s access to education and developmental programmes.


For the reasons above ... I have every reason inside to HELP them ... will start to help to promote while I m getting myself involve in their activities. I wont mind volunteering to work for them. So I m going to check them out and see hw I could get involved?

There is a CHILD in me ... while I have done many charitable activities, I still have soft-spot for children. I was 'abandoned' when I was young ... perhaps that I m motivated basing on my personal experiences.

Me and child-in-me ... could never apart. Here is another Guang-Liang song for you.

Before I leave this world (meninggal dunia, in Malay) ... I will like to write a good story-line for myself ... for people around me to read. For my ardent readers, thanks for listening to my stories. I have been so tied-up with my activities that I have sort-of neglected this personal cyber-space of mine.

I will still be here ... no matter how busy I am ... and join my e-meeting to be in touch with me, ya.

Have a nice week ahead ... and hope to see you online to join my e-meeting TONIGHT 10pm.


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