Sunday, March 05, 2017

Paintings in my mind

goooood morning ... with a little fresh energy burst after the win vs Gunners. Well ... won't be watching them if they are to play a weaker team next time!! This end a very good fruitful week I had.

Traded well in Myeg and Inari-wb breakout ... and technical rebound in Sendai and Jaks.

Traded well FKLI, covered my shorts and went long instead. KLCI rebounded sharply.

Went for futures-trading workshop to learn about William's Fractal and the trainer is an experienced trader with emphasis on RISK and MONEY management. So .. no selling of softwares or indicators needed. Yes ... going to trade SOY, in which I have been losing money ... needing to continue to learn (and paying tuition fees to SOY-market)

On Friday ... I had dinner with 'rich' friends and asked Clement to autograph my book personally.

I m no longer an employee ... but this is one good book to read for most employees as it is true that there is no 'get-rich' secrets out there ... it is all 'common sense' which NOT COMMON in majority ... that explained why the rich is richer ... and the others will continue to struggle, financially (and in life too)

Sharing his ADA ... and E-SLIP idea on how we could get ourselves more efficient and productive for the company we are working in.

E : Earning

S : Saving

L : Leakages

I : Investment

P : Protection

As simple as it sounds, many 'lost' and not able to see how to get in the journey of financial freedom. It is EARNING ... but that is just the first step. You need to know how to save ... check on your leakages ... and invest, invest, invest. Well ... we all need to PROTECT ourselves too, right?

Sound simple?

Buy the book and read ... I am honoured to know Clement in person as he could give me guidance ... and a support in my quest to be ... FINANCIALLY free as he is now. Yes ... mix with people who are richer than us .. mix with people who could trade better than us ... mix with those positive people who could rub their positiveness into us ... and mix with those with GOALS in lives.

They will be your shoulders ... to rely on ... and move on.

Just read that Tommy Page passed away. Sad. This is a popular song back then ... played in radio almost everyday as many dedicated the song to their friends, loved ones ... but I prefer the song below ....

Yes ... paintings in my mind. I have many past paintings ... some have eroded from my aging mind ... some stuck as inside like a sore-thumb ... while I m filling my mind with painting of me being financially FREE ...

RIP, Tommy Page.

Time to go ... another busy week ahead as trial-exams drawing near.


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